According to color psychology, green is a shade that represents peace, harmony, and balance.

By adding this color to your home, you can transform it into a calming space with positive vibes. That’s not all.

Do you know, during ancient times, people used to decorate their homes with green?

This trend became all the more popular during the mid-19th century Victorian era.

Even now, green is a popular choice when it comes to home decor. You can experiment with different shades of green to create a soothing atmosphere in your home.

Want to know what will make your home look even better? Pairing green with another color. Yes, you can choose two or three color combinations with green to make your living space more aesthetically pleasing.

In this article, we are going to show you what colors go with green with 10+ amazing combinations.

1. Yellow and Deep Green

Yellow and Deep Green interior

Yellow is one of the best green complementary colors. You can easily pair it with deep green. It will create a perfect contrast as yellow will bring brightness, and green will add depth. When combined together, both colors will uplift the appearance of your room. 

Yellow is a complementary color to green that will make your room look spacious and breezy. You can cover 60% of the space with yellow and 40% with green and go with white flooring to match both colors. This color combination is great for bedrooms and kitchens. You can use modern furniture to create a sophisticated look that will get you plenty of compliments.

2. Sage Green and Dark Green

Sage Green and Dark Green interior

When you search for “what goes with green,” the results often show different contrasting colors. However, you can simply experiment with different shades of green instead of using any other color. One of the best color combinations to try is sage green with dark green. 

As one color is bright and the other is dark, the pairing will be great and add dimension to any room. It will create a tranquil and calming effect and add natural vibes to your home. If you are someone who loves peace and quiet, this color combination is best for your home. You can use it in your bedroom for the best effect.

3. Black and Forest Green

Black and Forest Green interior

Black is one of the best colors that go with green if you want to add furniture or other design elements to your home. Instead of using black as a wall paint, you can simply add a chic black dining table, sofa set, or cupboard in your home. You can also experiment with black curtains, carpets, and doors. 

Black with green results in sheer elegance and will help you create a modern and trendy living space. You can choose a normal forest green shade for walls and even add texture and design to make it more creative. To improve the overall look, try incorporating soft and warm lights in your home. 

4. Lime Green and White

Lime Green and White interior

If you are wondering what colors make green pop, white is the best option. It is a neutral color that goes perfectly well with any other shade. However, the combination of lime green and white is something totally unique. It is one of the best pairings for the living room and bedroom. 

You can color one center wall in lime green and use white for other walls. It will make the room appear big and will add soothing vibes. You can enhance the color further by using curtains and bedsheets with the same color combination. Overall, it will give you a cool look that brings positivity to the atmosphere.

5. Orange and Dark Green

Orange and Dark Green interior

Orange is one of the best colors that go well with green. However, make sure the green has a dark shade. The color represents forest, vegetation, and the earth. You can add a bit of orange to highlight it further. 

While you can use orange for wall paint, there are many different ways to add this color. For instance, you can add an orange couch or use a big orange painting or rug on the floor. Choose a vibrant shade of orange to bring out the best features of dark green. The two contrasting shades will make your living room appear like it’s straight from the 70’s era.

6. Peach and Pastel Green

Peach and Pastel Green interior

If you are looking for design advice on what colors go with green, peach is probably the best choice. It is a warm and neutral color that is currently trending when it comes to home décor. You can easily pair it with pastel green to create a stylish living room. 

Instead of using it as paint, you can try adding peach decoration to your home. Keep the walls in pastel green, and add a soft and comfortable peach sofa set in between. This way, you can create a living space that represents luxury and vintage style. You can also add house plants to create a more inviting ambiance.

7. Teal Green and Pink

Teal Green and Pink interior

While teal green might appear dull and boring to many people, it is actually a great color for bedrooms and living rooms. The color in itself represents nature, and you can add a bold twist by using pink to complement it. The soft shade of baby pink with subtle teal green will make any room look better. 

You can paint opposite walls with contrasting colors and use furniture of the same color scheme to complete the look. To make the room appear spacious, you can add elements of white like curtains, rug, bed sheets, and pillow cover.

8. Mint Green and Turquoise

Mint Green and Turquoise interior

If you find yourself questioning, “What colors go with green for living room?” try the combination of mint green and turquoise. Most people avoid using colors with similar shades, but you can use these colors to create a beautiful living room. 

The walls will be mint green, and the sofa set will be turquoise. You can further add dark wooden side tables and decorating items to complement the colors. Dark curtains can also highlight the colors. As both the colors are soft and cool, they will create a pleasant atmosphere. 

9. Bottle Green and Cherry Red

Bottle Green and Cherry Red interior

You can also try bottle green with cherry red if you are wondering what colors go with green. This shade of green is deep and brings a relaxing feel to the room. 

You can use it as a backdrop for your center wall and make it pop by adding cheery red furniture. Two chairs or a sofa in cheery red with dark wooden flooring will create a perfect look. You can also add pictures on the bottle green wall to create a vintage feel in the living room.

10. Gold and Emerald Green

Gold and Emerald Green interior

This color combination will give you a luxurious look in your living room. Emerald green and gold are great complementary colors often used in royal events. Both shades represent richness and luxury, which you can incorporate into your home. 

To get the perfect look, use emerald green color on one wall and white on other walls. You can add two golden chairs and a couch in front of the wall with a big painting with golden frames. You can also use this color combination for your office to impress your clients.

11. Pear Green and Banana Yellow

Pear Green and Banana Yellow interior

If you want to know what colors go with green for your bedroom, try banana yellow with pear green. These two colors are located next to one another on the color wheel and can pair well. You can use these colors in your bedroom to create a lively and happy space. 

Use the colors on opposite walls and add picture frames in white or brown to further enhance the look. You can use curtains and bedsheets in white to make the room spacious and more beautiful.

12. Indigo and Blanket Green

Indigo and Blanket Green interior

When you ask an expert about what colors go with green, they will suggest indigo. It is one of the best pairings that you can use for living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. Both the colors are cool and create a soothing atmosphere. This refreshing combination can help you sleep well and can be great for taking pictures. You can add a touch of white décor with this pair to complete the look of your room.


What is the opposite color of green?

Red is the opposite color of green, as per the location of both shades on the color wheel.

Which color suits dark green?

Dark green goes well with white, black, and grey.

Does blue go with green?

Yes, blue and green colors complement each other as they belong to the analogous color family.


This completes our guide on what colors go with green. These 10+ colors go perfectly with different shades of green and can help you transform any space into a masterpiece. You can choose any of these options to improve the look and appeal of your home. From walls to home décor, you can incorporate green and other complementary colors in multiple ways.

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