• Project Name: Villa BW
  • Architects: Mecanoo 
  • Location: Schoorl, Netherlands
  • Size: 308 sqm
  • Status: completed in 2022

A home does not have to be enormous in scale to stand out and make an architectural statement. This modest home in Schoorl, the Netherlands, mimics the natural pattern of dunes and polder terrain to produce a visually striking geometry. 

Villa BW, designed by Mecanoo, adds a modern touch to the region’s traditional architecture. The facade is like a canvas painting that captures the shifts of the scenery, from rolling dunes to stepped polder, and even the various hues of the sky from dawn to dusk.

Villa BW is an outstanding illustration of how architecture and nature can harmonise. It connects the built environment to the terrain by reflecting the intrinsic qualities of the natural surroundings.

What Makes the Architecture of Villa BW Unique?

Beyond the fact that the home stands out among Schoorl’s rural vistas like a piece of art, there are many more characteristics that mark this residence as excellent architecture. Every element conveys the tale of the geographic shifts and undulating terrains, from the material palette to the space layout to the building shape.

Biophilic Abstractism

Villa BW Mecanoo Biophilic Abstractism

The house is capped by a double-curved roof that transitions into a horizontal gable, mimicking the dynamic flow between the lush dune and polder sides. Two overlapping forms combine to form the twisted slanting roof.

The dune side has a gable roof, which is also a feature of the Oorsprongweg’s street scene. On the other hand, the polder side has a horizontal roofline, effortlessly juxtaposing with the slanted roof to create this interesting geometry.

Planning Guided by the Contextual Landscape:

Design Plan Villa BW Mecanoo

The villa has three floors and a fourth level beneath the eaves of the roof. Since the natural topography transitions from embankment reinforcement to dune landscape undulation, the ground floor and basement are below the road level.

This allows for direct contact with the environment. Enclosing two areas on the southeast side with a curtain wall system strengthens the connection with the landscape alongside the sloping garden.

Tile Cladding That Resonates with the Rhythm of Nature

Tile Cladding That Resonates with the Rhythm of Nature

Villa BW is tiled with an intriguing composition of ceramic tiles. The tile’s colour range is influenced by the intricacies of the terrain and comprises numerous glossy grey, green, and blue colours. Every time the sun changes its direction, it produces a captivating iridescent effect that changes tone evoking a sensory visual experience.

The crystalline effect of the brilliantly glazed tiles gives the house a luminescent appearance. It also has an impact on the look of the facade and roof due to the incidence of light. The combination of different hue tones results in a varied, colourful, organically occurring façade and roof. To minimise repetition, the tiles are set in a variety of designs.

On-site evaluations of the enamel research were conducted under various lighting situations and based on the colours, textures, and levels of gloss. The tiles are installed vertically, with vertical open joints running in a single line over the roof’s surface. Although the roof plane’s changing curve seems smooth and less segmented, there is no obvious pattern in the tile layout.

Traditional Influences

Traditional Dutch architectural design

Traditional Dutch architectural design is expressed abstractly in the geometry of the building. The huge windows throughout the home allow excellent views of the surrounding countryside, with wooden frames that reference the beauty of local workmanship.

Chorus of Colours

Villa BW Mecanoo Chorus of Colours

The home is integrated into the shifting landscape thanks to the choice of colours that are compatible with the neighbouring tones. From the dunes and polder scenery to the shades of different seasons, everything is encapsulated in the facade colour palette. 

What Defines the Interiors of Villa BW Unique?

What Defines the Interiors of Villa BW Unique

No matter how attractive the exterior of the house is, the interior must be cosy and suitable for the inhabitants personal tastes. Each space has a certain purpose and conveys a distinct tale. All living areas are planned around voids surrounded by curtain walls around an enclosed wood-cladding core.

The curtain wall allows for light and visibility, straight down to the basement floors. From the cellar to the roof of the structure, the enclosed element characteristic of the interior facilitates auxiliary functions such as raising stations and toilet facilities. The interior design is complemented with wonderfully framed vistas of the surrounding landscape, which are framed with wooden frames that run through the bespoke tile work.

About the Firm: Mecanoo

About the Firm Mecanoo

Mecanoo is a multidisciplinary architecture company based in Delft, the Netherlands. The multidisciplinary team led by Francine Houben (Creative Director & Founding Partner), and Floris Overheul (Financial Director), comprises architects, interior designers, urban planners, landscape architects, architectural technicians, and support workers.

They believe in a unified philosophy of People, Place, Purpose, and Poetry. Mecanoo has considerable expertise in designing and constructing great buildings that suit desired objectives while generating exciting end-user environments. By combining the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, and interior design in an unconventional way, they create individual solutions for different sites and users.

Villa BW Tells a Story with a Nature Inspired Colour Palette and Unique Geometry!

Mecannoo’s masterpiece, Villa BW, drastically alters our perception of nature-inspired design. The quirky design prioritises the user experience by overlapping volumes in both the inside and outside areas. With its distinct colour palette, textures, and volumes, a modest residential project can generate a sensory experience while differentiating itself as sculptural architecture amid the lush Dutch countryside.

blue building with a triangular shaped window
A car parked on the side of  Villa BW Mecanoo
An empty room with wooden walls and flooring
A room with a bed and a window in it
Villa BW Mecanoo top view
An Arial view Villa BW Mecanoo
side view drawing of Villa BW Mecanoo
section view of Villa BW Mecanoo
exterior section view Villa BW Mecanoo
Villa BW Mecanoo layout
Villa BW Mecanoo house drawing

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