Shower tiles make a big difference in the appearance of a bathroom. They can even make a tiny washroom look luxurious, and even a mega-size restroom can look unappealing with unpleasant tiles. Picking out shower tiles for your bathroom makeover can be a challenging task. With a lot of variety in design, color, shape, and texture to choose from, the task can be overwhelming. Back then, tiles were used in washrooms and other places for functional features like low maintenance durability and water resistance.

However, things have changed now, and tiles have become more of an aesthetic tool to add beauty to spaces. That is why the market has expanded choices of tiles for homeowners. With thorough research, we have picked the top tile design trends for bathrooms for current year.

Read what to look for in features like colors, finishes, shapes, and patterns. 

Graphic Tile Patterns

Graphic Tile Patterns for Shower Tiles

Graphics are appealing for any room, be it the walls in a bathroom or the floor in the kitchen. From soft subtle to vibrant colors, complex patterns in shower tiles can capture anybody’s attention. This trend has stayed in the market for quite a while because graphics can add life to any room. Patterned tiles have rapidly been gaining more popularity.

From ceramic to subway tiles, they can be applied to any room and surface, especially your bathroom. This is a trend that impresses homeowners as they provide a chance to add creativity to the rooms. You can even hire a designer to decide the placement and design of graphic shower tiles. You’ll get to choose from a lot of patterns and colors. 

Neutral Tiles

Neutral Tiles for Shower

Neutral tiles can never go long for the chic yet minimalistic washroom. Neutrals from white to greyish tiles are the trend of the year. Choose from colors like grey, creams, beige that have become popular as complimenting neutrals. Even more, and a new color called Gierge has emerged, and many people are on the lookout for it.

Check out the design ideas in neutral washrooms and get your inspiration for your bathroom makeover. For washrooms that need more light and brightness, you can use white shower tiles. The bathroom needs to be relaxing, and colors like this are perfect for the same atmosphere.

Neutral colors to the washroom can keep your mind calm and soothing feels. You can use these colors for walls and floors as well. To make sure that it does not become monotonous, add shapes, textures, and some color pops to bring life to everything installed in the room.

Subway Tiles

Subway Shower Tiles

Some of you might have an interpretation that subway tiles can be dull for a modern home. However, those three by 6-inch white shower tiles can be really impressive in bathrooms. Subway tiles can offer a more exciting appearance with traditional size and pattern. You will be exceptionally able to see these tiles in larger sizes and typical colors and design patterns. 

You can see the longest subway tiles with dimensions as large as 8 by 20, they are mostly chosen for modern washrooms. Pair these styles with great color around the room. You can also use different colors in horizontal and vertical bands and incorporate various patterned tiles to add essence to the washroom. These tiles are becoming more popular among others to try mixes and matches and unique bathroom styles. The possibility of incorporating these tiles is endless as you can try a lot of combinations. 

Matte Tiles

Matte Shower Tiles

The charcoal matte finish for contemporary bathrooms is among the most used in bathroom tiles. They feature a soft yet beautiful look that doesn’t become too overwhelming for washrooms. The added feature of matte finish tiles is that they do not show watermarks or smudges, unlike glossy tiles.

This makes these tiles ideal for busy bathrooms. The minimal shine makes them easier to clean and maintain their appearance. While installing mat bathroom tiles, ensure that there is enough lighting, both artificial and natural, as their styles really reflect light. 

Shower Tiles ideas

Summing Up…

When incorporating shower tiles for a bathroom makeover, determine the type of washroom you want to have. Choosing the trends from the above suggestions can also be confusing. To make it easier, determine the theme of your home.

Pick the shower tiles that go with the rest of your home. Or, if you want to have a washroom unique from the rest of the space, choose a unique pattern. We are sure incorporating one of these tile trends will give you satisfying results, just what you needed for the makeover.

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