The W-House

W House VMX Architects
  • Official Project Name: W House
  • Location: Ijburg Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Architects: VMX Architects
  • Area: 250 m²
  • Year: 2005 -2007
  • Status: Completed
  • Costs: 305.000 Euro

The owners of this beautiful property are the Walta-Elmers family, and because of that, this house is known as “ W-House.” This house has some simple but exquisite designs. So, let’s know more about this mesmerizing residence. 

W House spiral staircase in the middle of a living room

The Walta-Elmers family approached VMX Architects to design their dream home on one of the best places on this planet: ‘Kleine Rieteiland’ (It is one of the islands of the Amsterdam district of IJburg). 

A spiral staircase in a white room with a skylight of W House VMX Architects

They clearly told the architects about their requirements; for instance, they want a spacious open house with plenty of natural light. The size of the plot is small; it measures around 8 by 30 meters. Check out the beautiful design of the villa RR house.

map of W House design

The designers and architects studied the model for several months and finally came up with the concept of ‘Woonlandschap’ (living-landscape). The final floor plan has living and the kitchen on the ground floor but in a split level typology. The outside area is also partially covered to create a semi-open space. 

W House design drawing

The whole landscape is designed at higher and lower levels. A multifunctional cellar is placed under a higher level. If you look at the facade of the structure, you’ll notice that it is entirely closed with patio blocks. It looks like a floating box over the open landscape from the ground level. 

interior of W House VMX Architects

The main attraction point of this house is the massive spiral staircase, which connects the upper level to the ground one. A circular roof light has been placed exactly above the stairs, which beautifully brings light into the living landscape. 

When it comes to private housing designs, architects have to keep many things in mind, such as building coverage, strength, the stability of the structure, and many more. 

W House interior design

Here also VMX architects face the challenge of expressing the character and personal desires of the future occupants. All the desired requirements of the residents should be solved such as offering them ample living space and garden with privacy.  

A modern living room with a spiral staircase  of W House

The plot only is about 8 by 30 meters, and the urban plan challenged all architects to experiment with the full space of the land freely. Not only the designs, but they also have to keep various restrictions in their mind, such as there should be parking in the house and building coverage. 

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outside space of W-House

The thing is the living landscape increases the overall cost of the project, if architects want to use the entire land in an efficient manner. 

bedroom W-House

The bedroom is also quite spacious and tranquil. Minimal decors and furnishing have been used to create a relaxing atmosphere. The surroundings are full of breathtaking scenes, so windows are there to enjoy these natural views. 

A spiral staircase in the middle of a room

All In One!

This is an excellent example of architectural design where modern designs meet the ancient. The VMX architects really have done great construction, and the Walta-Elmers family is so satisfied with the design and concept of the living landscape of “W house.” 

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