Many astonishing projects across the world always seem pleasing to our eyes. Today we are going to talk about one such project that is built by Volume Matrix Studio. SALA Canal is one such residence in Bangkok which is, as the name suggests, built around the canal. Many houses across the world are built aside a canal to give the feel of its breeze as well as give a new identity to the house. So, let us see about this beautiful Sala Canal and what features it has got!

A table and chairs on a wooden deck next to a swimming pool
A motorcycle is parked in front of a  SALA Canal House
 SALA Canal car parking area

The house is located around a canal so that the residents inside can have the feel of the breeze. Moreover, the house is luxurious enough as it has been built in modern style and is spread across 5000 square feet. The house also is extended towards an alluring swimming pool. The house even has plenty of space which is utilized as a garden and many of the special Bangkok Fruits are grown here. Check out the beautiful Merida house.

 SALA Canal house with wooden deck
 SALA Canal House with large room

Near to this place of residence, there is the famous floating market located. The market is open daily and nearby people visit there regularly. Around the vicinity, you can still experience the profound Thai way of living. Many people gather around the market and the old Thai culture and traditions can still be witnessed here. 

A wooden bench on top of a wooden pier
Sala Canal House  with a glass railing and wooden ceiling

Sala, is nothing but in Thai is meant as a building or place of living, that is built and used as a relaxing place for people. There are plenty of Salas around the country. You can find such in many places like Schools or Temples. The builders wanted to make the owners of the house feel the canal breeze, have a peaceful and relaxing time at the backyard watching the boats pass by in the canal, and still have a grasp over the Thai culture and atmosphere. 

Sala Canal house with a glass balcony and a metal roof

The owner wanted the house to build for two generations of people. So, the constructors had to keep that in mind. The architects constructed two different complexes for the same which are connected through a common terrace. At first view, it may seem that the two complexes are built as one but they are not as they are different, just connected by the terrace. Many places inside are shared by both the families such as Kitchen, Alluring Swimming pool. Both the families love cooking together and have quality time spent together around the kitchen. Check out this beautiful W-house structure.

SALA Canal house with a swimming pool in front of it
view of a house from a balcony
SALA Canal house form Front side

The ventilation system of the house is really good as the wind comes to the rooms from all directions. There is a cantilever shading placed which protects the house from excessive sunlight. Simple materials like teak wood, steel, and concrete are used in the construction of this house. 

Sala Canal House swimming pool


This was all about the Sala Canal house built in the beautiful city of Bangkok. The architects’ Volume Matrix Studio has shown impressive work and has constructed the house in a very beautiful manner. There are many traditional Salas around the city but this one is a mixture of all. It also gives us a calming aura along with its modern structure and also doesn’t’ snatch away from the local Thai atmosphere. Indeed, we all dream of one such beautiful house in our lifetime!

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