Almaty Cafe and Restaurant

  • Project name: Almaty Cafe and Restaurant
  • Architecture firm: M.Serhat Sezgin, Zebrano Furniture and MKG
  • Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Built area: 495 m²
  • Design year: 2021
  • Status: In progress
  • Typology: Hospitality › Restaurant, Cafe
Almaty Cafe and Restaurant

Look at the above images! 

Would you like to spend some quality time at this cafe? 

Just imagine that you’re working or hanging out with your family and friends while enjoying your favorite food and drink at this cafe. Wouldn’t that be so peaceful and harmonious? 

We’re talking about ‘the cafe and restaurant’ project in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The space has all the modern and contemporary elements, and it is surrounded by plenty of real plants, which will provide a serene and tranquil ambiance. Designed and rendered by M.Serhat Sezgin, this cafe is one of the most famous places in Almaty.

So, if you’re one of those people who either like to enjoy spending time in cafes or like to click pictures for their Instagram, this will be a perfect spot. You should definitely visit this place soon!

Let’s know more about this cafe.

Almaty Cafe and Restaurant wooden floor and a glass ceiling

The project was started in 2021, and the implementation continues today. On this project, M.Serhat Sezgin was the principal architect who collaborated with Zebrano Furniture and MKG, and they worked as a construction and site team.

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Almaty Cafe and Restaurant with couches, tables and chairs

The cafe consists of two floors, which you can see in the above picture.

There is a dining area, cafe, and bar on the ground floor. At the same time, the upper floor is reserved for VIP dining areas and VIP rooms.

Almaty Cafe and Restaurant dining room with a wooden table and blue chairs

Do you love the design and outlook of this space? 

M.Serhat Sezgin did visualization, and he used tools like Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, and Adobe Photoshop to edit and create this spectacular space. 

The Almaty Cafe and Restaurant is designed for the clients Kemal Gül and Ali Demirhan.

Almaty Cafe and Restaurant  wooden table and chairs

Serhat Sezgin is a freelance artist that is well known for his wonderful projects with conceptual quality. He transforms ordinary spaces into luxurious spots. You can sense the contemporaneity with classic designs but with a twist.

Almaty Cafe and Restaurant with tables, couches, and potted plants

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The Bottom Line

So this is all about the Almaty Cafe and Restaurant by M.Serhat Sezgin.

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