In 2024, experts predict an increase in the use of solid colors, a mix of design styles, and the popularity of bold accent walls.

If you’re looking to freshen up your personal space, start with bedroom trends. Whether you want to fully embrace a trendy look from head to toe or just use it as inspiration for that perfect finishing touch, these trends are a great way to kickstart your creative ideas.

If you’re giving your space a makeover or just want to liven up your bedroom, trends can open your eyes to new colors, materials, and styles you might not have thought about. We’ve talked to interior designers, brands, and trend forecasters to learn where Bedroom design trends 2024 are going and how you can bring these ideas into your own home.

Bedroom Design Trends 2024

Right now, various bedroom trends are floating around, but a significant emphasis is on creating spaces that feel exceptionally warm and inviting. This holds true whether you’re going for a serene and thoughtful vibe or choosing a room filled with decor that sparks joy.

Our experts describe the mood for 2024 as one of gentle optimism and a sense of individuality. They say, “We are all looking for a sanctuary away from the worries of the world, and the bedroom is a space for escape, rest, and relaxation.”

They further suggest making your bedroom cozy and relaxing in 2024 by combining color, texture, and pattern. Now, let’s dig into the details of what to keep an eye on for the 2024 bedroom design trends.

1. Textiles in a single solid color

Textiles in a single solid color bedroom

Experts predict that this year, vibrant solid colors like royal blue, burgundy, black, white, and primary hues will liven up bedrooms of all sizes. They advise using a popular motif of vibrant cushions and blankets with different textures to create a dynamic ambiance. You can enhance the comfortable atmosphere of the bedroom with rich velvet and textiles. 

Incorporate a white comforter with warm or vibrant undertones to bring the whole ensemble into harmony. If you’re not a fan of white, you may try softening the overall palette with linens that are paler than the bedroom’s brightest hue.

2. Barbiecore

Barbiecore style bedroom

Bedrooms are starting to adopt the Barbiecore style, and in 2024, that trend is just going to continue. This style, which is characterized by pink color schemes paired with bright, fluffy, and sparkling features, is still in style because analysts attribute it to “feelings of happiness, independence, and opulence.” 

Although “pink may truly make a statement,” according to our designer, creating the perfect bedroom setting really comes down to carefully choosing its hue partners. Try experimenting with colors like blacks, grays, and milder green tones to further accentuate the beauty of pink.

3. Accent walls with textures

blue accent wall bedroom

Focus on one wall if you want to bring some creativity to your area but aren’t ready to commit to a bold hue. We advise using molding, paint, or wallpaper to explore patterns and themes that speak to you. Use plaids, stripes, or floral patterns to transform an accent wall in your bedroom. The possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget about your millwork, either. It has the potential to create a subtle design statement when painted carefully. Take painting your wainscoting, for example. The addition of a painted wainscot may provide color without overpowering the room, regardless of the hue you choose. 

Our designers suggest choosing paint colors based on a focal element in the space, such as artwork or bedding, in order to preserve coherence.

4. Zen bedroom

Zen bedroom

Make your bedroom peaceful and simple with these minimalist, Japan-inspired bedroom design ideas. Select muted hues, straight lines, and organic components like accents of stone or bamboo. Embrace this modern bedroom decor by adding paper lanterns and a low bed to enhance the tranquil atmosphere.

5. Dreamy boho designer bedroom

Boho bedroom interior design ideas

We’re thrilled to see the bohemian style returning! It’s free-spirited, eclectic, and easygoing. The main idea behind boho home decor is to defy conventions and embrace a wide range of styles. To create a unique bohemian bedroom, experiment with various materials and patterns. 

Arrange carpets and blankets in layers, and add plenty of cushions! Introduce organic materials in light, honey-colored hues, such as bamboo and rattan. To add some greenery to the area, add some houseplants. In a bohemian-style bedroom, a trailing ivy or Swiss cheese plant would look great.

6. Industrial design

industrial bedroom

Look no further than industrial bedroom decor for ideas if you like an edgy, raw, urban aesthetic. Use worn wood, metal accents, exposed brick walls, and dramatic lighting to create a warehouse vibe. Use abstract paintings, black-and-white photos, or statement pieces to further the look.

7. Rustic design with comfortable accents

Rustic design with comfortable accents bedroom

Using rustic bedroom design ideas, you can bring the charm of the countryside into your house. Include natural shades, repurposed wood, and soft fabrics. You are welcome to combine them with sleek, contemporary furnishings. Exposed beams, a large knit blanket, or turning an old ladder into a bookcase will finish the design.

8. Tropical retreat

Tropical retreat bedroom

Give your space an enviable tropical makeover to create the atmosphere of a true island paradise. Accept bright or sandy colors, leaf patterns, bamboo, and natural elements. And think about getting some ideas for your bed! You may create the illusion that you’re on vacation every day by pairing a vibrant wallpaper with a tropical motif with a canopy bed.

9. Artsy decor

botanical gallery wall bedroom

Use these creative bedroom inspiration ideas to unleash your inner artist. Create a gallery wall, choose unusual furniture, and use bold color splashes. For a contemporary and artistic touch, don’t forget to include abstract designs in your drapes or carpeting.

10. Parisian style bedroom

Parisian style bedroom

Use designing concepts with a French flair to add romance to your bedroom. For a really elegant tranquility, go with an all-white theme or soft pastels, ornate furnishings, and flower designs. If your bedroom is plain otherwise, try adding a curved headboard, an antique vanity, or a classic chaise couch for a hint of French elegance.

11. Get in the flow with Morocco

Morocco bedroom

Use creative bedroom ideas with Moroccan influences to create a unique and welcoming environment. Add striking hues, elaborate designs, and lavish materials to your interior design. Use patterned bedding, a woven seat, or beautiful bedside tables to realize your concept of a Moroccan bedroom.

12. Forever summer bedroom

yellow summer bedroom

Even on dreary days, awaken to a ray of brightness. Encouraging yellow hues will provide a modest liveliness to your bedroom, so let summer’s hues influence your design. Or go for accessories that are all the hues of a summertime flower arrangement, such as turquoise, bright green, or yellow.

13. Earthy accents

Earthy accents bedroom

Give your green 2024 bedroom design a central place for your passion for the natural world. Combine earthy colors, botanical patterns, and indoor plants with sophisticated furniture and focal points to give the space a designer feel. If you want to bring life into your natural retreat, think about adding an accent wall in green or getting creative with your organic bedding.

14. Rainbow bedroom

Rainbow bedroom

Use kaleidoscopic embellishments to celebrate color! Use vibrant, eye-catching visuals, or combine colors from all throughout the spectrum into your layout. Think bright decor, artwork, and bedding. Additionally, for a fun arrangement, paint a drawer cabinet or bookcase a variety of vibrant hues. 

Never forget that harmony is essential! For optimal effect, choose no more than three colors and use them in all aspects of your décor, including bedding, curtains, carpets, lamp shades, and throw pillows.

15. Go Minimal

minimalist bedroom

Utilize minimalist bedroom design trends ideas to embrace simplicity in your bedroom. To keep your area clutter-free, stick to simple furnishings, clean lines, and an uncomplicated style. Recall that a single eye-catching light or accent item may provide the ideal amount of personality. Think of making a large bed base the focal point of the room!

16. Get a Hollywood glam

old hollywood decor charming furniture ideas centerpieces bedroom

Live like a star and indulge in the glitz of luxury to your bedroom design trends 2024 ideas. Add glitter, metallic embellishments, and textiles that are plush, fluffy, and feathery. To really make a statement in your room, think about adding a statement chandelier, a vanity with marquee lights, or a canopy bed.

17. Organic marvel

cozy atmosphere in bedroom

With gorgeous gradient colors of creamy neutrals combined with warm, textured wood, organic decor ideas may help you create a calm and cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. Make a point of using organic materials like linens with herringbone patterns, basketware, rattan fixtures, and woven seagrass carpets. 

These organic components will give your bedroom design trends 2024 a more tactile feel and the ideal ambiance for unwinding.

18. Biophilic design

Biophilic bedroom design

Top bedroom trends for 2024 will see a shift in bespoke bedroom designs toward themes influenced by nature. Muted earthy tones, biophilic designs, and organic textures are leading the way. The aim is to create areas that encourage a connection to nature and provide a tranquil haven. 

This movement is a reaction to our increasing urbanization and need for a little bit of nature in our everyday lives. As a result, vast sky, seas, and woods serve as inspiration for modern bedroom designs.

19. Make way for tech

dark color bedroom

In 2024, bedrooms will be incorporating technology with every interior design trend. The newest styles perfectly integrate smart living; smart furniture, mood lighting, and concealed charging connections are becoming standard features. Thanks to these creative elements, you may have all the comforts of the contemporary world without compromising a tidy and peaceful atmosphere.

20. Hang low-hanging pendants

pendant lighting Bedroom

Everyone is smitten with the 2024 bedroom design trend of low-hanging bedside pendants. In addition to making a trendy statement, these beautiful pendant lights over your nightstands provide versatility and usefulness. They provide a dash of contemporary sophistication, and you can simply match their styles to your interior style because of their extensive design selection.

21. Modular beds

Modular beds

One notable shift in bed patterns for 2024 is the rise in popularity of multipurpose beds. Beds are becoming more than simply places to sleep, especially in urban areas where spaces are limited. They include built-in workstations, storage options, and even movable designs to accommodate demands for leisure and work from home.

22. Ambient lights

ambient lighting in bedroom

The creation of a cozy, wellness-focused space is the main goal of bedroom design in the future. These days, ambient lighting takes precedence in master bedrooms, surpassing basic utility to become the focal point of your space. Imagine fixtures that provide a soft, comforting glow or lights that follow your circadian cycles. 

These lights may improve your mood and quality of sleep in addition to lighting your room. To create a calming environment that envelops you in serenity and renewal, you may choose any hue, brightness, and location.

23. Retro revival

retro revival vintage bedroom

A big trend in bedroom decor for 2024 is the retro rerun, which draws influence from the past. Bedrooms are the perfect place to combine the best elements of the past and present with a pleasant balance of mid-century modern inspirations and ’70s-inspired color palettes. This homage to bygone times offers a wide range of design cues that evoke nostalgia while blending in well with contemporary interiors.

This theme, which combines retro charm with modern complexity, is in line with the most popular bedroom designs of 2024. The intention is to create an area where you may enjoy the greatest aspects of both the past and the present. 

You are free to decide which features to draw attention to, for example, fusing traditional patterns with modern furniture or the artistry and personality of ancient designs with the ease and sleekness of modern life.

24. Contemporary color palettes

Contemporary color palettes bedroom

Neutral colors such as various tones of brown, tan, cream, black, gray, and white are often the mainstays of contemporary color schemes. It was common for early Bauhaus architecture designers to use yellow, blue, and red accents. While neutrals were formerly the preferred color scheme, accent colors that are bright and cheery are now in style.

25. Black is all in

Black Luxury Bedroom

This is your chance to present the layout of your bedroom. Accept interior design ideas in black and gold for your bedroom, creating the ideal harmony between comfort and flair. It’s a great approach to deviate from traditional design and make a statement.

26. Angled lighting fixtures

vaulted ceiling lighting bedroom

It’s not typical to find a midcentury modern design that is too ornate and uses angular or unusual light fixtures, particularly those in the “atomic” style. Amy Lau Design’s beachy contemporary bedroom serves as an illustration of this.

27. Platform beds

Platform beds

Platform beds are a prominent feature in contemporary bedrooms, particularly in Scandinavian modern bedroom designs. One great method to emphasize the openness that is so important to this design style is to leave room beneath the bed or in other furniture items.

28. Neutral color palettes

neutral bedroom wall colors in beige and white

In 2024, bedrooms with muted color schemes will be the most popular. Warm gray, sage green, and blush pink are examples of gentle, understated colors that create a classy, peaceful ambiance. These hues provide a blank canvas on which you may paint your own unique designs for bedding, accent items, and artwork.

29. Maximalism

bedroom decor

It’s likely that you’ve heard of minimalism; nonetheless, let’s discuss maximalism, which is its opponent. Maximalism is essentially based on the idea that “more is more.” Its very colorful and quirky decor, which features clashing patterns and hues, makes it the exact antithesis of simplicity. 

Maximalism seems to be gaining popularity in 2024 as more people look for methods to give their houses more color and character. Vibrant pink Viva Magenta, the Pantone Color of the Year, may liven up your home decor. To create a distinctive design in your house, choose statement furniture items, vivid colors, and daring patterns. 

You may be as creative as you want when it comes to decorating when you embrace maximalism!

30. Statement headboards

bedroom headboard design

In your bedroom, your bed—especially the headboard—takes center stage. We’ve seen a rise in “headboard design” web searches lately. A great way to add unique flair and character to your bedroom is with a statement headboard. 

Why not make your own if your bed doesn’t already have one? To frame the area around your bed, you may use MDF, fabric, bamboo, paint, or even wallpaper. There are many alternatives. What’s the finest thing, then? Creating a homemade headboard is an excellent, low-cost method to improve your space.

31. Bespoke furniture

Bespoke bedroom furniture

Our experts predict that bedrooms will also include statement items in addition to communal spaces. These bedroom design trends 2024 might be anything that sticks out and offers a distinctive touch, such as curved accent chairs, large-scale artwork, or antique mirrors.


What should I keep in mind when designing a bedroom?

When creating a contemporary bedroom design, give your furniture’s usefulness first priority. Make the most of your space’s versatility while keeping it roomy. Accept technology and furnish your bedroom with some plants.

What makes a bedroom look better?

To create a layered, visually rich vibe in your bedroom, use textured items. To create a pleasant ambiance, think about putting a sheepskin rug on the floor beside the bed or a fake fur blanket on a side chair. If you like a boho luxury style, introduce rattan baskets and investigate braided light fixtures.

Should bedrooms be darker or lighter?

The choice between a bright and dark bedroom mostly comes down to personal taste and certain requirements. A darker color may produce a warm, personal sense, while lighter colors can make the area seem spacious and open.


In 2024, prepare for a year of sustainable design and innovation in bedrooms. This year’s trends accommodate a range of tastes and requirements, from bringing nature within to combining high-tech devices. The bedroom design trends 2024 provide plenty of chances to realize your ideal bedroom, whether it’s a tranquil retreat or a tech-savvy bedroom. Now, go on, embrace the future, and create a bedroom that reflects your comfort level, sense of style, and individuality.

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