The brilliant and appealing simplicity of modern interior design makes it one of the most popular, timeless concepts used in decorating homes. Homes with modern interior décors adhere to the “form follows function” concept. All the furnishings and decorative furniture pieces for the modern living room you will find here are functional and reflect their intended purpose.

If they do not have a practical purpose, you can (and should) remove them.

Additionally, modern interior design styles are characterized by uncluttered spaces with clean lines and a lack of over-the-top ornaments. Because of this, it is an easy look to achieve for any room.

Furnishing Modern Living Rooms

Since the living room is one of the focal points of your home, it is one of the spaces that you need to put some thought into decorating with the right modern furniture pieces.

If you are at a loss as to which type of living room furniture in Dubai you should get for your modern home, here are the key pieces you should get and tips for choosing the right ones that will go with this type of interior design:

1. Sofa

Sofa ideas modern living room

One of the most important furnishings in any living room, regardless of its design, is the couch or sofa.

As one of the most expensive furniture pieces you will own, you need to ensure you get the right sofa that fits in your modern interior décor. Due to its size, it also captures the eye of anyone who enters your living room, making it doubly important that you select one that suits its style.

To get a couch that works within the modern interior design concept, start by making sure it will be able to seat all household members.

If you are a large family, there are several styles of modern sectional sofas that will be worth your investment.

If you are a bachelor or are still starting a family, a three-seater couch will work best for your living room.

Sofas with simple lines and angular designs with laconic backs and rectangular armrests go well with modern living rooms. Other options include couches with soft outlines on the backs and smoothly rounded armrests.

For colors, you will do well to stick to neutral hues, especially blush tones, since they are in keeping with the modern design concept. But make sure they also match the paint of your floor and walls.

2. Accent Chairs

Living room chairs play the vital role of providing additional seating to other members of your household and guests.

Some accent chairs come as part of sofa sets. If you don’t want to go through the arduous process of looking for pieces that complement your couch, go with this option.

If you already have a couch and want to get accent chairs, ensure they work with both the sofa and your modern interior.

This means choosing pieces that have the same design, style, and color as your sofa.

If your sofa has metal inserts or rivets or wooden elements, ensure your accent chairs also have them.

It is also important to consider the size of your living room if you are getting accent chairs. If your space is large, you can widen your options to include recliners and barrel chairs.

However, if your living room is not too spacious, avoid making it cramped by opting for sleeker chairs, such as arm, lounge, and slipper chairs.  

3. Coffee Table

Coffee Table for the modern living room

The coffee table is a furniture piece that can define the theme of your living room.

Coffee tables can be made from almost any type of solid building material. These include wood, glass, metal, and even stone.

Modern coffee tables, however, do not only serve as a place where you can put your coffee, food, books, or magazine when you are in the living room. New, multipurpose pieces have extra storage spaces, can work as a pop-up workspace, or even double as a terrarium.

Again, make sure the coffee table you get matches the other furniture in your living room. Start by considering the embellishments on your sofa and chairs.

If your sofas and chairs have wooden legs or have metal rivets, narrow down your options to coffee tables made of wood and metal.

4. Side Tables

Also known as end tables, side tables are must-have furniture pieces for all living rooms, regardless of their style.

End tables are placed near or on the side of a chair or sofa. They hold reading or table lamps, magazines, and other decorative objects.

Like modern coffee tables, these furniture pieces can also serve as additional storage spaces.

If you are getting a complete living room set, you may be able to get side tables that match the couch, chairs, and coffee table.

If you are getting this furniture piece separately, take note that coffee and end tables also come in sets, which means you will have an easier time coordinating them with your sofa, chairs, and living room design.

However, if you are only buying end tables, choose ones that work with the color scheme and style of your living space and your coffee table. Ensure you get ones with a height that works with your sofa and chairs.

5. Entertainment Unit

A living room can’t be considered a modern one if it does not have a TV and the essential accessories.

When chosen correctly, a full entertainment center can be the focal point of your living room.

There are several designs for entertainment centers you can choose from. Some have doors that hide cabling, while others feature glossy screens and lights that make them stand out even more.

To ensure your entertainment center fits in your modern living space, choose a media console that blends well into the room and can hold your TV and other electronics.

Make sure you choose a console that fits your TV, whether it is wall-mounted or needs to be placed on the cabinet.  

If you are aiming for a minimalist look, you will do well to get a TV armoire. It will keep the screen hidden if you are not using it.  

If your living room is pressed for space, go for a corner unit.

6. Curio Cabinet

Curio Cabinet for the modern living room

Final Words

Lastly, if you want one or two cabinets in your living room, opt for something modern and invest in a curio cabinet.

Curio cabinets have glass doors or do not have any at all. Because of this, they function as a display stand where you can put your collections, travel souvenirs, and other trinkets you want guests to see.

Modern curio cabinets are sleek, have clean lines and neutral or dark hues. Some even come in unique shapes yet designed that they won’t take up more space yet still look stylish.

If your living room is not too spacious, opt for a corner curio cabinet.

Whether you have a suburban home or your residence is located in the city, if you opted for a modern design, ensure you have these furniture pieces to complete the look and function of your living room.

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