Clutter….. Bye!!!

Oh, the closet. It’s that one spot in your home that always makes you scratch your head or cringe in horror when you look at it. Whether it’s your clothes closet, coat closet, or linen closet, it’s a sanctum sanctorum that could definitely use some more love and attention. 

After all, organizing your closet can actually make life a whole lot easier in many ways. Your kids can zip out the door quicker in the morning. Picking out your outfits becomes less traumatic. And you’ll finally be able to see everything you own instead of just shoving things into a dark abyss like you’ve done in the past. It’s all about getting a bit creative with some clever DIY closet organizer ideas!

Did you know you can transform dressers into organizers that line your closet wall? And if your shelves aren’t cutting it, you can even create your very own custom closet system. Even upgrading your hangers to more stylish ones can make a big difference. And let’s not forget about those handy labels you can add to keep everything in order. 

Whether you’re breaking out the power tools or reaching for your credit card, we’ve got a mix of store-bought and DIY closet organization ideas to Marie Kondo your closet into shape in no time.

1. Get Matching Hangers

Matching Hangers

In addition to looking good, matching hangers let clothing hang neatly together in your wardrobe and save space. They are one of the best and handy closet organizer ideas that don’t cost much.

2. Provide Space to Hang Both Long and Short Items 

Multiple Hanging Spaces

Instead of folding dresses over or letting them pile on the floor, create multiple hanging spaces of different sizes. This keeps everything tidier, and you’ll have specific spots for each type of garment.

3. Add a Clothing Rack

Add a Clothing Rack

Not only can installing a clothes rack in the corner of your bedroom provide more closet space, but the small walk in closet organization ideas also give the room a fashionable touch. It enables you to hang extra things that could be piling up in your existing closet, showing off your own style preferences to everybody who walks into the space.

4. Label Your Closet

Label Your Closet

Label your bins and baskets clearly if you use them to store smaller things and accessories. When arranging smaller objects and accessories in boxes or baskets, be sure to clearly label them. You can always find what you need if you know where to look. It’s also handy for keeping track of baby clothes—just label the drawers with the different sizes.

5. Store Seasonal Items at the Bottom

Items in the basket

Stuff seasonal items like beach suits and snowsuits into baskets. Then, just move the baskets between shelves as the seasons change. Place supplies for cold weather on lower shelves and those for the warm season on upper shelves in the autumn. Reverse the procedure in the spring.

6. Bring in a Dresser

Bring in a dresser

Consider putting a dresser below shelves or a hanging rod to maximize any additional space in your closet if it doesn’t have built-ins. The small closet organization ideas help you stack the clothes that you wear every day on the hanging rods.

7. Color Code Your Closet

Color Code of your closet

Are you having problems finding what you’re searching for? Sorting your clothing by color can help you discover matching ensembles more quickly and also provide you with a better starting point.

8. Learn Folding Tricks

Folding Technique

Learning folding and hanging methods and using these closet organizing ideas is another crucial tip for optimizing space. As an example, you can tuck smaller handbags or purses within bigger ones and tuck bras inside one other to conserve drawer space. Moreover, while arranging sweaters or shirts in a drawer, consider the vertical folding technique rather than stacking.

9. Hang a Closet Organizer with Shelves

Hanging Closet Organizer with Shelves

If there aren’t enough built-in drawers or shelves in your closet, using self-hanging organize closet ideas is an amazing alternative. You can maximize the vertical space in your closet for storing sweaters or bags by setting these organizers on a rack.

10. Hang Jewelry

Hang Jewelry

These hanging organizers with precisely sized spaces for baubles (such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings) are best if you don’t have a dedicated drawer for jewelry. These small closet organizer ideas can help you keep your jewelry safe from friction.

11. Use File Dividers Made of Acrylic at the Top of the Closet

Acrylic File Dividers on closet

Clear acrylic file dividers and other office supplies can act as closet organizers. They can be used to arrange little accessories, such as clutches, that are typically stored on a shelf.

12. Make Space for a Hamper

Make space for a hamper

Make sure you give space for a hamper so that everything stays organized. This makes it easier for dirty clothes to find their way into the laundry pile instead of ending up in a heap on the floor. For extra convenience, consider having two hampers—one for lights and one for darks.

13. Use Shelves Made of Clear Glass or Acrylic

Clear Glass Shelves

Choosing drawer fronts and shelves made of transparent glass or acrylic allows you to easily see precisely what’s kept in each compartment. You can quickly find jewelry or other accessories that go with your attire thanks to this feature.

14. Don’t Waste Any Space

Optimizing your closet space

Make use of unused wall space to hang delicate accessories like hats, scarves, necklaces, belts, ties, and more.

15. Put Items That Are Difficult to Fold in Over-The-Door Organizers

over-the-door closet Organizers

Use over-the-door closet shoe organizer ideas—typically designed for shoes—to neatly store objects that aren’t easy to fold, such as swaddles, scarves, blankets, or belts.

16. Go for Lazy Susans

lazy Susan

A lazy Susan can help you make better use of your shelf space by providing an accessible spot for all of your diaper, cosmetic, and grooming supplies. You won’t have to dig around on your shelf for what you need since it rotates.

17. Get an Island

Island for walk in closet

You can make the most of large walk in closet organization ideas by placing an island in the middle of it. In addition to offering extra room for storage in the form of drawers and shelves, it also serves as a surface for folding clothes.

18. Get a Vanity

Vanity for organizing space

In a similar vein, a vanity may double as an additional drawer for all those little closet essentials. Also, you can easily apply your makeup and complete other morning rituals in the space.

19. Push the Bar Up

 built-in storage

Increase the amount of storage space in your closet by lifting the top clothes rod higher than the average height to free up additional room below. Installing drawers or adding a standalone dresser can provide the illusion of built-in storage.

20. Reorganize Seasonally

Reorganize your closet

Removing out-of-season clothes and storing them in bags beneath your bed or in another closet in the home is another approach to making extra room in your closet. It frees up room for better organization of the garments you wear more often since you won’t be reaching for these items as frequently. It also provides an opportunity for you to go over your wardrobe every season and think about donating or getting rid of things you don’t wear as often.

21. Organize Bags Vertically Using Dividers

Organize Bags Vertically Using Dividers

It’s likely that you won’t utilize an item in your closet if you can’t see it. Keeping wallets and clutches upright in a mail organizer will keep them visible and accessible. Additionally, this helps in their long-term form maintenance.

22. Use the Extra Space

Extra space in closet

Rather than keeping your scarf, belt, and accessory collections in boxes or on hangers, make the most of your spare wall space by adding a towel bar or hooks to showcase them.

23. Hang Bags on the Door

Hang bags on door

Hang heavy handbags and totes from hooks mounted on the inside of your door to save vital closet space while maintaining easy access to them. You can even use them to store swimsuits or other accessories if you’re still short on storage space.

24. Get a Coat Rack

Get a Coat Rack

Winter coats can take up much of the rack, leaving little room for dresses or other items of clothing. That’s why making the most of your space is possible by installing a coat rack, either in your bedroom or at the front door. It also expedites the process of grabbing your coat when you’re running late!

25. Use Baskets and Bins

basket and bins

Certain objects in your closet simply don’t have a designated place. Use storage baskets to assemble random items to help keep clutter under control.

26. Benefit from the Space at the Top of Your Closet

Benefit from the Space at the Top of Your Closet

A lot of people don’t use their closets’ vertical space to its full potential. Make the most of every available space by installing shelves that reach the top to save stuff you don’t use as often.

27. Spread Out an Olive Branch

Olive branch of hanging space

Are you in need of more hanging space? Hang a branch to function as a clothes rack on an unused wall for a chic and useful hack.

28. Deck It Up with Wallpaper

Deck it up with wallpaper

You can make your little closet appealing even with its limited space. A boring space may be transformed with a fun light bulb and vivid wallpaper, which will make getting dressed and putting clothing away much more fun.

29. Go for Velvet Hangers

Velvet Hangers

A good pair of hangers can make a big difference in your closet. Velvet hangers are a beautiful addition that will keep your garments looking their best. They prevent your clothes from slipping off and are sleek and fashionable.

30. Go for Wooden Hangers

Wooden Hangers

Another excellent option for your closet is wooden hangers. They are very durable and provide an impression of boutique style. Wooden hangers are stronger and maintain your clothing looking more presentable than wire or plastic ones.

31. Add a Small Shoe Shelf

small shoe shelf

Give your favorite shoes the attention they deserve in your closet if you have a large collection. It doesn’t need a large amount of room; a tiny walk-in closet with a single wall devoted to shoe shelves would do just fine.

32. Go Doorless

Doorless closet organization

Why not show off your well arranged closet? Remove those doors to provide a playful and unique feel to your bedroom.

33. Don’t Skip the Mirror

Full length mirror

Don’t you hate it when you can’t see your full outfit? A full-length mirror is essential for any bedroom closet. Luckily, you can easily install one on the bedroom door.

34. Light’em Up

Lighting closets

Lighting is crucial when it comes to closets in bedrooms. Use cabinet illumination instead of boring overhead lights. It’s softer, feels more elegant in your closet, and facilitates finding what you need.

35. Show What You Have

closet organization

Make your bedroom closet a showcase for your best pieces if you have the space and chic accessories. You just need to install shelves; drawers and rods are not necessary. In no time at all, your wallets, purses, and shoes will become accessories!

36. Organize by Size

organize your wardrobe

To make organizing clothes simpler, sort them by size. Sort your clothes into two sections: shorter things, like tanks and shorts, and longer ones, such as coats and formal clothing.

37. Place Shoes in Clear Tubs 

shoes in clear tubs

To maintain organization and visibility, store shoes you don’t use often in transparent containers. To save room, set them up on higher shelves. Maintain a clutter-free closet, and just keep what you need; switch things out with the seasons.

38. Boutique Style Closet

Boutique style closet

Creating a wardrobe that resembles a boutique improves your dressing experience and makes finding what you need easier.

39. Install a Wall Shelf

Install a wall shelf

Installing wall shelves is a good idea if you’re running out of storage space. You can use vacant corners or spaces above your clothing rack, and it comes in a variety of sizes and designs to suit your requirements.

40. Purchase a Closet System

Purchase closet system

Consider purchasing a pre-made closet system if you don’t feel comfortable using a saw. You can easily turn a plain closet into a personalized one by following this tutorial, which will walk you through the steps.

41. Use Pull-Out Bins

Pull out bins in closet

Pull-out bins are a great addition to any closet renovation if you want to improve organization. When you need anything, just pull out the drawer to locate it quickly. These containers keep your stuff concealed.

42. Welcome Clear Organizers

Clear Organizerss

You can keep your folded sweaters, handbags, and shoes in transparent containers like the ones in this organizer if you follow the Marie Kondo technique of organizing and want things to be visible and neat.

43. Make It Visually Pleasing

Organize your closet

Yes, you can organize your closet and your child’s closet according to color! This is the best way to stay organized if you choose your clothes mostly on the basis of color.

To improve the appearance, you may also use some ornamental pieces in complementary hues.

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