Do you get exhausted by the idea of doing chores? We all do! And when it comes to doing laundry, it seems like a never-ending task, isn’t it? What if we work with laundry room ideas to make it more stylish and easy to function? It’ll surely keep you excited for laundry sessions.
Laundry rooms don’t always need to be dull, they can be as beautiful as a living room or as cozy as a bedroom. Modern style strategically places functions and aesthetics in its design to make the laundry room more appealing. From laundry room organization ideas to defining the style, let’s explore the top creative ideas to jazz up these rooms.

Small Laundry Room Ideas

Do you have a compact space for a laundry room? Don’t worry! Here are the pro ideas to add personality and function into your small laundry space. 

1. Keeping it Subtle

Keeping it Subtle

Designing a small laundry room demands thoughtful design decisions. Always keep the design subtle to avoid creating an overwhelming room. Curate a soothing palette with a gray marble countertop, intricate wallpaper design, and patterned tiles in lighter tones for simple aesthetics. 

2. Stack them Up!

Designing a corner in laundry room

Too much to keep but very little space? For a compact room, consider the idea of incorporating laundry room ideasembracing a stacked layout. Designate a corner for stacked appliances and enhance the functionality further by adding built-in storage.

3. Saving Space with Sliding Door

Saving Space with Sliding Door laundry room

When it comes to a small room, every inch matters! Save the shutter space by adding a sliding door instead. You can go for a barn door for amped-up aesthetics and maximized utility. When not in use, the sliding door will act as a wall around your passage area. 

4. White, White, and White

White laundry

One of the best small laundry room ideas is to keep it all white. It helps in making the room look airy and spacious. Add white penny tiles on floors, white quartz countertops, and white wall tiles to add a designer touch. Pump in a dose of greenery with hanging plants to amp up the look. 

5. Dress it Up in Boho Style

Boho Style laundry room

Go for Boho laundry room ideas to make a style statement effortlessly. Enhance the clean lines of the room by adding a geometric kilim rug, introducing a pop of colors to the space. Organize the space well by going for wall hooks and baskets. 

Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

Shelving plays a crucial role in laundry rooms to keep them flexible and organized. Here are the key points to consider while installing shelves:

  • Consider the idea of opting for adjustable shelves. It helps to keep it customized as per height, needs, and configuration.
  • Always layer the shelves based on priority. Keep frequently used items at an accessible reach, while miscellaneous stock fits nicely on the upper shelves.
  • Organize transparent bins on the shelves to keep it all sorted. 
  • For smaller spaces, always maximize the utility of vertical surfaces. Add floating shelves or wall-mounted storage to keep the floor space-free. 
  • As you cater to the functionality, don’t miss out on aesthetics. Opt for the layouts that complement the rest of the decor. 

Let’s look into the top 5 laundry room shelving ideas that keep the room tidy and functional.

1. Enhancing Functionality with a Countertop

Functionality with a Countertop laundry room

Do you want your laundry room to serve the purpose of folding or ironing too? Add a countertop over the dryer and washer at a comfortable height to ease the task. The countertop will help in decluttering the space around the laundry room. You can also add a few decorative pieces to improve the aesthetics of the room.

2. The Modern Farmhouse Essence

Modern Farmhouse laundry room

Keep your spacious laundry room tidy and organized with functional walls. Add countertops, floating shelves at a height, and a row of hooks below that. For added comfort, incorporate a bench with built-in drawers. Go with light colors and a dark flooring to make the space look bigger.

3. More Fabric for Fabrics!

Fabric laundry room

Do you love textiles in design? How about incorporating them into the laundry room ideas? Use fabric curtains as softer elements to conceal the washer, dryer, and low-height open storage. It effortlessly makes the laundry room look fresh. 

4. An Industrial Look

Industrial Look laundry room

Are you planning to transform your garage into a multifunctional laundry space? Proceed with the industrial laundry room ideas for maximized utility and simple aesthetics. Keep the shelving functional by installing full-height shelves. Organize them further with baskets for clear plastic storage bins. 

5. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves laundry room

One of the practical laundry room ideas is to install floating shelves on the top. Keep these on a height and load them with the supplies you don’t need daily. Use the space below for a basin or additional storage cabinets.

Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas

Cabinets are the ultimate elements that help you make the most out of your laundry room. Here are the pro tips to keep in mind while picking the laundry room cabinet ideas:

  • Always list down your needs. Items like linens, baskets, bins, washers, detergents, etc., will help determine the size and type of storage.
  • Picking the suitable material is the most critical aspect of a laundry room design. As these spaces are prone to moisture, consider adding cabinetry in laminates or plywood rather than going for solid wood. 
  • Modern, traditional, or a fusion? Determine the style of cabinetry based on the rest of the design to keep it balanced.
  • Tuck your dirty laundry away in pull-out bins. It helps in minimizing clutter and keeps the clothes sorted.

Let’s go through the top 5 functional and aesthetic laundry room cabinet ideas. 

1. Built-in Iron Board

Built in Iron Board laundry room

Maximize the utility by adding a built-in iron board to the laundry room. Conceal it within a wall cabinet to save space. The wall cabinet can also hold other things apart from the ironing board like detergents, clips and more. This setup is ideal if your laundry room is very small.

2. Benefit from the Height

laundry room idea

Add a row of cabinets to the laundry room that hugs the ceilings. Place a sliding ladder next to it to make it practical. As you touch the ceiling height, make sure to opt for cabinet material that complements the rest of the decor. Let in natural light to keep it airy and bright. 

3. Bold and Black Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas

Bold and Black Laundry Room Cabinet

Accentuate the aesthetics of your laundry room by adding black cabinetry. Pair graphic patterned tiles with modern black cabinets for a sophisticated look. This look will give you the Upper East Side vibe of rich allure and modern appeal.

4. Sleek and Contemporary

Sleek and Contemporary laundry room

Install flat-front laundry cabinets for a European touch to the design. The sleek cabinet setup conjures up a neat look and exudes contemporary aesthetics. These cabinets hold a lot of pace to store your laundry essentials without disturbing the perfectly symmetrical harmony of your laundry room.

5. Have Them All

room laundry

Go out of the box with your laundry room ideas by adding all types of cabinets. From open and floating shelves to built-in cabinets, each serves a different purpose and makes the space more functional. Ensure to tie the look in a single tone. 

Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Explore the potential of your laundry room with the top storage ideas. 

1. Place a Divider Storage

Place a Divider Storage laundry room

Are you running low on space? Don’t worry! We’ll help you maximize it in the most efficient ways. Utilize the dead space between the dryer and washer by sliding in a wire drawer. The narrow storage proves extremely helpful as it keeps essentials within reach. 

2. Add a Drying Rack

Drying Rack laundry room

Give your dryers a breathing space by installing drying racks. It will help to dry clothes faster and keep the room tidy. Rather than hanging your laundry all over your house, you can now simply hang them on the racks. Not only will it help dry the clothes but also tidy your space up.

3. Keep it Organized with Baskets

Organized with Baskets laundry room

Baskets are the ultimate decorative and functional items for laundry room ideas. From detergents to dirty linen, use baskets to conceal them. It will keep everything in place, and the room will exude sophistication. The overall look will give you a farmhouse feel. 

4. Incorporate Hanging Rods

Hanging Rods laundry room

Shelf space isn’t functional for every layout. For compact laundry room ideas, consider adding a hanging rod. Plan it above the workplace to keep your laundry supplies out in the open and easily accessible. You can use rods with a contrasting color to bring out the beauty of the space.

5. Maximize Utility from Corners

Maximize Utility from Corners laundry room

Don’t let the corner space go unused. When it comes to laundry room ideas, every nook matters. Add shelving units to the corners and use them as extra storage. You can even add accessories like pots and plants for a designer touch.

Laundry Room Organization Ideas

We all hate stepping into messy laundry rooms. Keeping it organized helps streamline the chores and offers pleasant working. But how to keep it well-managed? Here are the tips:

  • Before you organize the room, get rid of all the unwanted items. Check the expiration date for each product and remove the worn-out supplies.
  • Add designated bins for each type of laundry. Keep the laundry bins labels to make the task of sorting easier.
  • Don’t forget to add a drying rack. It will help keep your clothes fresh and in better condition.
  • Plan a dedicated folding station within your laundry room ideas for easy working. 

Let’s explore the top laundry room organization ideas for efficient working. 

1. Go for a Window Seat!

rooms laundry

Seating in a laundry room? Yes, you heard that right. Go for built-in benches near the windows for an added function. The windows will bring in a lot of natural light brightening up your space. Enjoy the great view of the outdoors while your washer does its job!

2. Add a Dry-Cleaning Drop-off Nook

Dry Cleaning Drop off Nook laundry room

While you’re catering to washing, folding, and ironing in a single room, organize the room and add a dry-cleaning drop-off. It keeps dry-cleaning garments in a designated place and avoids clutter. You can also enlarge the space enough to hold your clutter, to give the room a poised look.

3. A Central Island

Central Island laundry room

If you have a spacious laundry room, place a sleek central island. It offers a platform to sort and fold clothes easily. Keep it sleek and portable for added convenience. Ensure to match its countertop with the rest of the decor for a cohesive look. 

4. Keep’em Divided

Keep em Divided laundry room

Are you tired of keeping things from getting mixed? Add a divider system to keep everything in place. Not only will a divider give the room an organized touch, it will come in handy when picking things out. You will be able to keep a check of your stock.

5. Clear Bins for Aesthetics and Clarity

Clear Bins for Aesthetics and Clarity laundry room

Say goodbye to the boring detergent packs. Instead, add well-labeled clear bins to make your laundry room more aesthetically pleasing. It also ensures smooth functioning. This will give your laundry room nothing short of a pinterest board or Instagram-worthy appeal.

Laundry Room Decor Ideas

Now that we’ve understood what it takes to make your laundry rooms functional, are you ready to explore the decor ideas? Let’s look into the laundry room ideas to give the boring room an exciting makeover.

1. Keep it Dramatic

Keep it Dramatic laundry room

Don’t shy away from picking bold tones. Bring a little drama to the laundry room by painting cabinets, walls, and ceilings in a vibrant tone. Showcase your vibrant personality with a colorful laundry room.

2. Play with Patterns

Play with Patterns laundry room

Don’t keep your laundry room neglected in terms of design. Add boldly patterned wallpaper to make every visit exciting. Why do your laundry staring at bare walls when you can play around with colors and patterns!

3. Bring a Little Eclecticism

Bring a Little Eclecticism laundry room

Do you have decor items that don’t fit well in the rest of the house? Bring them to your laundry room to add a designer flair. Create a mismatch combination and bring out that rookie artist hiding within you.

4. Give it a Special Treatment

Special Treatment laundry room

Let every space of your home have a designer touch. Decorate the laundry room with wall decor like plates, frames, artwork, etc., to make it more welcoming and pleasant. If you spend a lot of time in the laundry room, we say you do it right. Curate the room with the objects of your affection and create a masterpiece of your own.

5. Match Your Taste

Match Your Taste laundry room

Unintentionally, we end up spending a reasonable amount of time in the laundry room. Why not make it exciting, then? Decorate the room with elements that match your taste to inject personality into the space. Add a touch of greenery here a splash of painting there and you are all set.

Transforming Dull into Exciting with Laundry Room Decor

Laundry Room Decor

Ready for the chores? Give your laundry rooms a unique and stylish transformation with these functional and aesthetic ideas. It will help curate an additional room in the house for you to enjoy and work.


How do you make a good laundry room?

The top laundry room ideas consider function in their planning and beauty in their design. It needs a careful selection of materials to keep it low-maintenance and fresh. 

How do you maximize laundry space?

One of the primary considerations to maximize laundry space is to keep it organized. Ensure to incorporate plenty of vertical and horizontal storage to keep it clutter-free. 

What is the best flooring for the laundry room?

A few top material choices for laundry rooms are ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vinyl, or rubber flooring.

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