Are you struggling to organize the toiletries in your bathroom?

Why don’t you use the space above the toilet?

Simply convert the area into an affordable storage solution without cramping up the bathroom space. Let’s face it, bathrooms lack proper storage space, and it can be difficult to arrange all the items.

If you keep everything on the counter, it will not only be unhygienic but also disrupt the aesthetics of your bathroom. So, the best way to create some space is by using the area above the toilet. The empty wall is perfect for keeping extra toilet paper, toiletries, and towels.

1. Mini Storage Closet

Mini Storage Closet

You can create a mini storage closet above your toilet for a neat and organized bathroom. Choose this idea to discreetly stash toiletries and cleaning supplies. It will help you to maintain a tidy look. 

Install a small closet or over the toilet storage cabinet unit with doors to keep items out of sight. It’s a straightforward solution that brings practicality and a clean appearance to your space.

The best thing about this bathroom storage over toilet is that you will get plenty of space to keep all the essentials. Depending on your bathroom size, you can choose the right type of storage closet. 

2. Repurpose a Bookcase

Repurpose a Bookcase

Another affordable bathroom over the toilet storage ideas is to repurpose a narrow bookcase. If you have an old storage unit for books or decorative items, put it in your bathroom to keep all the essentials. 

It is an excellent solution for adding a touch of personality to your bathroom while providing functional storage. You can paint the bookcase to match the color scheme as well. 

To use this above toilet storage idea, simply secure the bookcase to the wall for stability and arrange items on the shelves as desired. You can use it to keep toilet paper, medical supplies, shampoo, or body wash. 

3. Create a Bathroom Ladder

Create a Bathroom Ladder

If you want to create a stylish bathroom, build a ladder-style shelf to lean against the wall over the toilet. It will provide multiple levels of storage to keep all the necessary items. 

A ladder will add a rustic and stylish element to your bathroom, offering a unique storage solution. You can use this idea for a farmhouse-style bathroom. 

To implement the over the toilet storage idea, construct a wooden ladder and place it against the wall. You can use rungs for holding towels or baskets. Add some splash of color to the ladder to match the room. 

4. Chicken Wire Shelf

Chicken Wire Shelf bathroom

If you want to add metal furniture in the bathroom instead of wood, go with shelves with chicken wire backing. It will offer a farmhouse-chic aesthetic while preventing items from falling.

This idea is ideal for achieving a trendy, country-inspired look in your bathroom. The best thing is that you can keep things from falling with this idea.

Attach chicken wire to the back of wooden shelves and secure them to the wall above the toilet. It is very simple and easy to install. With the right supplies, you can easily add this storage solution to your bathroom.

5. Over the Toilet Shelves

Over the Toilet Shelves

You can also opt for purpose-built over the toilet storage shelves for a convenient and easy-to-install storage solution. It is a simple idea where you can easily add the shelves at a height above the toilet. 

Easy installation and a variety of styles make these shelves a practical choice. You can easily get the shelves in different sizes to fit your bathroom space. 

You can buy shelves from online stores and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mounting these above the toilet. It is a quick and efficient storage solution for small bathrooms

6. Wicker Baskets

Wicker Baskets in toilet

If you have a small bathroom, you can use wicker baskets on shelves or hooks to store toiletries, towels, or other essentials. They are easily available online and don’t really cost much. 

This idea provides a charming and textured storage solution. It allows easy access to items while maintaining a tidy appearance in the bathroom. You can get these baskets in many different sizes and colors. 

To install it, place wicker baskets on existing shelves or hang them from hooks for a decorative touch. However, make sure you hang them at a height to avoid any accidents. 

7. Wood Floating Shelves

Wood Floating Shelves in bathroom

This is another bathroom over the toilet storage idea you can follow. Install floating wooden shelves for a minimalist and modern storage option. You can add the shelves in non-symmetric order to add a unique touch. 

It will improve the visual appeal of your bathroom while offering a sleek and open storage solution. Wood floating shelves are easy to install and are affordable compared to over the toilet storage cabinets. 

You can mount floating shelves securely to the wall at varying heights for a customized look. However, make sure you measure the size of your bathroom when buying shelves. 

8. Storage Station

Storage Station in bathroom

You can also create a designated storage station with multiple compartments or drawers to keep various items organized. This idea is suitable for a bathroom with a good amount of space. 

It is perfect for individuals who prefer a designated space for each type of item, promoting organization and accessibility. You can easily store a good amount of items with this idea. 

To implement this idea, install a custom-built or store-bought storage station above the toilet. However, to make sure it fits securely, hire a professional.

9. Hanging Shelf with Towel Rack

Hanging Shelf with Towel Rack

If you need a separate space for storing towels, combine storage and functionality with a hanging shelf. It should have an integrated towel rack to keep all the towels in the bathroom. 

With this over the toilet storage idea, you can maximize space efficiency. It offers both storage for items and a convenient place to hang towels. If you have more members in your family, this idea is good. This way, you can easily keep all the towels separately. 

Simply hang the shelf securely on the wall using nails. You can easily buy this type of rack from online and offline stores. However, make sure you buy the right size of shelf. 

10. Custom Storage Unit

Custom Storage Unit bathroom

Design and build a custom storage unit tailored to your specific bathroom dimensions and storage needs. This idea is best for people with different sizes of bathrooms. If you don’t want the regular storage units, choose a custom solution. 

It is ideal for those seeking a one-of-a-kind solution that perfectly fits their space and accommodates unique storage requirements. Plan the unit’s design, build the components, and secure them in place according to your bathroom layout.

11. Freestanding Cabinet

Freestanding Cabinet bathroom

This is one of the best over the toilet storage ideas for people who don’t want any installations on the wall. A freestanding cabinet offers you both open and closed compartments. 

It provides a standalone storage solution with a mix of concealed and display spaces for versatile organization. You can use this bathroom storage over toilet to keep many different types of toiletries, from towels to hand wash. 

Simply place the freestanding cabinet against the wall just above the toilet. Make sure the cabinet is stable to avoid any accidents. An over toilet storage cabinet is perfect for a family of three to four. 

12. Locker Style Storage

Locker Style Storage bathroom

You can also go with a locker-style storage unit to keep all the necessary items in your bathroom. It works as a trendy and industrial-inspired over the toilet storage solution.

The reason why you should choose this idea is because it adds a unique and contemporary design element to your bathroom while offering ample storage space. Another good thing is that you can even lock your essentials like medicines and a first aid kit. 

It is very easy to install. You just need to measure the space on the wall and buy a locker-style shelve. Use nails to secure it on the wall above the toilet.

13. Recessed Shelving

Recessed Shelving bathroom

If you want to make your bathroom clutter-free, consider recessed shelves. It is a sleek and space-saving storage option that blends seamlessly with the wall. 

This type of storage will give your bathroom a streamlined and modern look while maximizing storage capacity. Unlike other ideas, it won’t protrude into the bathroom space and will make the space look cleaner. 

To try this idea, cut into the wall to create recessed spaces for shelves. It will provide a flush and integrated storage solution to keep all your toiletries. 

14. Metal Tray with Toilet Paper Holder

Metal Tray with Toilet Paper Holder

Opt for a metal tray with an attached toilet paper holder for a functional and decorative storage piece. This idea is right for you if you don’t have much space on the wall. It will sit just below the flush tank and is enough to keep small toiletries. 

This over the toilet storage offers a designated spot for essential items like toilet paper while adding a touch of metal accents to your bathroom. It works as a storage unit as well as a toilet paper holder. 

To implement this idea, hang the metal tray securely on the wall above the toilet. Make sure that the attached paper holder is easily accessible.

15. Simple Glass Shelf

Simple Glass Shelf bathroom

You can also install a straightforward glass shelf for a minimalist and transparent over the toilet storage option. This is a good idea if you want to make your bathroom appear bigger. 

It helps you to maintain an airy and unobtrusive feel in your bathroom while providing a clean and modern storage solution. However, make sure that you keep it clean, as the glass can easily get dirty. You can also keep some decorative items in the self to improve your bathroom aesthetics. 

To try this idea, securely mount the glass shelf to the wall. If you don’t have the necessary tools for installation, call a professional. 

16. Built-in Ledge

Built in Ledge in bathroom

For another trendy idea, consider a built-in ledge above the toilet. It offers a sleek and integrated storage space for small items. If you already have a cabinet and need space for other minimal items, a built-in ledge works great. 

It provides a seamless look, acting as both a functional shelf and a design element in your bathroom. For implementation, design and construct a built-in ledge that spans the width of the toilet. This way, you can create a cohesive and stylish storage feature.

17. Playful Toilet Paper Holder

Playful Toilet Paper Holder in bathroom

Choose a whimsical or decorative toilet paper holder that adds flair to your bathroom. It serves a functional purpose as well as helps you to decorate the bathroom. However, remember that this over the toilet storage idea is only suitable if you are looking for space to keep toilet paper. 

You should choose this idea because it injects fun into your space, turning a functional item into a decorative element. Simply swap out a standard holder with a playful or unique design. You can easily buy different types of toilet paper holders from online stores. 

18. Hooks and Towel Bars

Hooks and Towel Bars in bathroom

One affordable option is to use hooks and towel bars in your bathroom. You can use this storage idea for hanging towels, robes, or baskets to keep frequently used items within easy reach.

It helps you to maximize vertical space while offering a versatile and accessible storage solution. It is a great idea to make your bathroom clutter-free. 

All you need to do is install hooks or towel bars on the wall. Measure the area on the wall and adjust their placement to accommodate various items.

19. Pipe and Wood Shelves

Pipe and Wood Shelves in bathroom

You can also combine industrial-style pipes with wooden shelves for a rugged and trendy over the toilet storage option. It adds an industrial-chic vibe to your bathroom and provides sturdy and functional storage.

You can use it to keep items like toilet paper, fresh towels, sanitary items, and other toiletries. This type of storage is available online, but you can also create your own DIY project. 

To install it, assemble pipe and wood shelves according to a chosen design. Once you have all the supplies, secure them to the wall for stability.

20. Towel Wire Rack

Towel Wire Rack in bathroom

To save money on storage, you can repurpose a wire rack as a towel holder. It offers a creative and space-efficient storage solution. You can either use an old wire rack or buy one from online stores. 

It adds a touch of innovation to your bathroom, repurposing a common item for a new function. You can improve it by matching the paint of the rack with your bathroom. However, remember that it is only suitable for keeping towels and toilet paper. 

All you need to do is hang the wire rack securely on the wall. After that, you can roll towels and place them within the individual slots.

21. Vintage Wood Shelves

Vintage Wood Shelves bathroom

If you want to add rugged vibes to your bathroom, choose vintage-inspired wooden shelves. It will infuse character and warmth into your bathroom’s decor. With this type of over the toilet storage, you can achieve a timeless and classic look. 

It combines storage functionality with a rustic look. To implement this idea, you just need to secure vintage wood shelves to the wall. You can easily find them in home decor stores. However, make sure they complement the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

22. Dark Brown Cabinet

Dark Brown Cabinet bathroom

You can also add a dark brown cabinet for a rich and sophisticated over the toilet storage solution. Dark furniture looks amazing in the bathroom. You can choose one with intricate designs to create a premium look.

It offers a luxurious and cohesive look. You will also get ample concealed storage space with the cabinet. Use it to keep all your medicines, hygienic products, and toiletries. 

Dark cabinets are available in different designs and sizes. Choose the one that complements your bathroom. You can easily install the dark brown over toilet storage cabinet against the wall using the right tools. 

23. Rope Hanging Shelf

Rope Hanging Shelf bathroom

Create a unique hanging shelf using ropes and wooden boards for a nautical and bohemian-inspired storage solution. If you don’t want to use the common shelves and cabinets, this idea is great. 

It adds a touch of creativity and texture to your bathroom, offering an unconventional yet stylish storage option. Hang the rope securely from the ceiling or a wall-mounted anchor, attaching wooden boards for the shelves.

24. The Circle

The Circle storage in bathroom

You can also use a circular shelving unit for an eye-catching and modern over the toilet storage solution. It helps you to break away from traditional rectangular designs. You can create a visual interest and a contemporary look.

Simply buy this type of shelf and install it securely on the wall above the toilet. However, make sure you choose one with the right size, or it can interfere with other areas.

25. Single Strip Storage

Single Strip Storage bathroom

If you don’t have many items in your bathroom, opt for a single strip of narrow shelves. It is a minimalist and space-saving storage solution. This type of over the toilet storage is ideal for smaller bathrooms. 

It helps you to make the best use of vertical space while maintaining a sleek and uncluttered appearance. To get the look, install a single strip of narrow shelves securely on the wall, adjusting the height based on your storage needs.

26. Use Plants

Use Plants in bathroom

While this is not necessarily an above toilet storage idea, you can use it to improve the appearance of your bathroom. If there is plenty of vertical space, you can install shelves for potted plants above the toilet. It will add a refreshing and natural element to your bathroom.

This idea enhances the aesthetics of your space, bringing in greenery and promoting a sense of well-being. Hang planters or place potted plants on existing shelves. However, make sure they receive adequate light and water.

27. Mini Cupboard

Mini Cupboard in bathroom

You can also incorporate a small cupboard with doors for a compact yet versatile over the toilet storage solution. It is perfect for concealing toiletries and maintaining a tidy appearance in a limited space.

All you need to do is buy a mini cupboard of the right size and install it securely against the wall. Make sure the doors open smoothly and do not obstruct other elements in the bathroom.

28. Add Some Cubbies

Add Some Cubbies in bathroom

Another idea is to install cubbies or cubby-style shelves for a playful and modular over the toilet storage solution. It allows for easy organization and customization. The best thing is that you can adapt the storage space to your specific needs.

Simply mount cubby-style shelves securely on the wall and arrange them in a grid pattern for a visually appealing and functional display.

29. Use Decorative Items

Use Decorative Items bathroom

This is the best idea for people who want an aesthetically pleasing bathroom. You can display decorative items, such as vases, artwork, or sculptures, on existing shelves or surfaces above the toilet.

It will improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, turning storage into an opportunity for décor. However, remember to choose decorative items that complement your bathroom style and arrange them strategically on available surfaces.

30. Hook a Bin

Hook a Bin bathroom

If you are looking for minimal over the toilet storage idea, hang a decorative bin or basket from hooks. It will provide a stylish yet functional storage option. 

This idea combines form and function, offering a visually pleasing way to keep items organized. All you need to do is choose a decorative bin or basket, hang it securely from hooks, and use it to store towels, toiletries, or other essentials.

31. Roommate-Friendly Solution

Roommate Friendly Solution bathroom

You can also opt for a modular or multi-compartment storage solution when sharing a bathroom with roommates. It allows for individualized storage spaces, promoting organization and ensuring a clutter-free shared bathroom. Install separate compartments or shelves for each roommate, creating a personalized storage area above the toilet.

32. Add a Medicine Cabinet

Add a Medicine Cabinet bathroom

Another good over the toilet storage idea is to integrate a medicine cabinet above the toilet for a space. It combines mirror functionality with concealed storage, offering a dual-purpose feature for your bathroom.

To try this storage option, secure the medicine cabinet to the wall above the toilet. Make sure it opens smoothly and provides ample storage for medications and toiletries. 


What is the best material for over the toilet storage?

Metal is the ideal material because of its sturdiness, but make sure it is rust-proof.

What can I store on top of my toilet?

You can keep extra toilet paper, room spray as well as other small items.

How can I increase storage in my bathroom?

Use under the wash-basin shelves or over the toilet storage to get more space in your bathroom. 

Should I put a cabinet above my toilet?

If you want to keep all your toiletries organized, it is best to put a cabinet above your toilet.


These are the 30+ best over the toilet storage ideas you can use to keep all your toiletries organized. Bathrooms don’t have enough free space with already built-in toilets, wash basins, and bathing areas. 

If you try to add a separate storage solution in the area, it will make your bathroom cramped. This is why most people go with over the toilet storage solutions. If you are struggling with limited bathroom space, use any of these 30+ ideas to save space.

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