Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese concept that involves arranging the environment of your space to create harmony and balance.

The phrase “Feng Shui” translates to “wind and water” in English and is based on the ideology that the positioning of objects and space can influence the circulation of energy. This flow of energy influences a person’s life, health, wealth, and general well-being.

The concept of Feng shui is generally practiced in one of the most essential spaces in our home the bedroom the space where we spend a significant amount of our time resting and refreshing.

So, if you are looking to improve your bedroom environment with positive energy and want to create balance, here are a few Feng Shui bedroom ideas that you should keep in mind.

Here is the list of bedroom layout ideas feng shui: Let us discuss all these Feng Shui bedroom ideas in detail.

1. Position Your Bed Centrally

Position Your Bed Centrally

Positioning the bed in the center is the first step of good Feng Shui. Keeping the bed in a commanding position is ideal to have a clear overview of your bedroom. The aim behind bringing the bed to the center position is to provide a sense of security and command over your space. Additionally, placing the bed in the center of the room creates equal distance on either side, which makes sense of balance.

2. Use a Headboard

Use a Headboard

In Feng Shui, a headboard represents a symbol of support and stability. A strong bedhead illustrates a good sense of foundation to your relationship and life, ensuring a sense of protection. Feng Shui principles advise not to keep an open space behind the head of your bed because it creates a feeling of insecurity. It is advisable to prepare a bed rail using wood with an overall color scheme that enhances positive energy.

3. Lean Your Bed Towards the Wall

Lean Your Bed Towards the Wall

In Feng Shui, bed placement is considered as the most essential part. Hence, Feng Shui bed placement should lean towards strong and supportive positioning. The goal of positioning the bed leaning towards the wall is to promote relaxing sleep while providing a sense of security and protection. You can create your dream bedroom using these tips.

4. Avoid Mirror in the Sight Line of Your Bed

Avoid Mirror in the Sight Line of Your Bed

In Feng Shui, it is recommended not to position the mirrors in the line of bed as mirrors have the potential to affect the positive energy in the space. Aligning the mirror in the sight line of the bed can also influence the quality of sleep and overall well being. Placing a mirror to directly reflect the bed now is believed to symbolize inviting outside influences, worries, or other distractions.

5. Balance Your Bedroom with Nightstands

Balance Your Bedroom with Nightstands

Nightstands serve both practical and symbolic purposes in this ancient Chinese practice. Thus, balancing your bedroom with the nightstand is a crucial aspect of Feng Shui that contributes to the overall harmony and functionality of the space. With the nightstands, you will not only create a restful and harmonious atmosphere within your room, but it will also contribute to keeping your area clean and things within your reach. 

6. Don’t keep Your Bed Below Beams or Air Conditioners

Don’t keep Your Bed Below Beams or Air Conditioners

The feng shui concept recommends not placing beds below beams and air conditioners as it creates adverse flow of energy. The negative flow then may have consequences on the person’s health and the environment of your space.

7. Limit Electronic Devices and Screens

Limit electronic devices and screens

Television, laptops, phones, and other electronic items have no relevance in the Feng Shui concept. Any device that emits a large amount of electric and magnetic fields could disturb your immune system and sleep. Whenever possible, withdraw electronic items from the bedroom. Try to keep your phone in another room, relying on a traditional alarm clock and reading books.

8. Ensure Your Bed has a Bedside Table on Either Side

Ensure Your Bed has a Bedside Table on Either Side

In Feng Shui, having a bedside table on either side of the bed is often recommended as it contributes to a sense of balance, symmetry, and practicality in the bedroom. Symmetry is a crucial principle of Feng Shui, representing a harmonious and balanced arrangement. Having a matching bedside table on either side of the bed promotes a sense of equality and stability.

9. Move the Books Out

Move the Books Out

You love reading books, who doesn’t love that? But if you have trouble feeling relaxed in your bedroom, then it’s time to find a new home for your books. You need to shift all your reading material to another room or a library except the current book you are reading. That one is allowed to stay at your bedside table. 

Books contain active energy that stimulates your mind. Tall, looming, and wood furniture like bookshelves have the capability of creating off-constrictive energy. Hence, for leisure sleep and a relaxing atmosphere, try to keep books out of your bedroom space. Let’s see eng shui sleeping head direction.

10. Keep Your Gym Equipment Out of the Bedroom

Keep Your Gym Equipment Out of the Bedroom

Exercise equipment is large and bulky, which creates heaviness and clutter in the bedroom. Moreover, working out in the bedroom develops active energy that impacts your comfortable sleep and creates an unbalanced environment. The bedroom needs ‘Yin’ energy (slow and calm) for peaceful sleep. Having all this active energy of GYM equipment disrupts energy flow and develops a confusing atmosphere. 

11. Keep Your Work Life Separate

Keep Your Work Life Separate

If you are looking for calm and sedate sleep, then keeping your working area separate is crucial, according to the Feng Shui concept. Keeping the operating desk and bedroom different creates a distinct energy, ensuring you get a positive energy flow. 

If space constraints prevent you from making a separate work area, consider using curtains or fabric partitions to delineate the workspace. This can help minimize the potential for a stressful and anxiety-inducing atmosphere within the available space.

12. Use Feng Shui Friendly Color Combinations

Use Feng Shui Friendly Color Combinations

The principle of Feng Shui is the concept of creating accord and balance across your space. It can be through the placement of objects or by combining the right colors to bring positive flow within your area. Color your space with a combination of soft blue and greens that represent water elements. 

Further, Earth-tone colors that include brown and terracottas bring an Earthy connection and promote stability, grounding, and a sense of security. Other colors that you should think about are gray to symbolize clarity, soft pink for warmth, love, and passion, yellow for joy and positivity, and purple to promote restfulness.

13. Mind the Artwork in the Bedroom

Mind the Artwork in the Bedroom

In Feng Shui, the placement and choice of artwork play a significant consideration as they influence the energy and ambiance of the space. Hence, choose the artwork that evokes a sense of calm and relaxation. Avoid stimulating or disturbing painting that has complex colors and depicts scenes of conflict, violence, and chaos. 

Additionally, about the placement of artwork, try to place the artwork in a different direction than the opposite direction of your bed. Consider placing the frame in a position where it can provide you with a feel without dominating your sleep.

14. Keep the Bed Far From the Bathroom Door

Keep the Bed Far From the Bathroom Door

Never align your bed directly with the bathroom doors. According to the experts, the bathroom is associated with the energy drain. Hence, the bed should be positioned far from the toilet to keep the calming and soothing atmosphere constant.

15. Be Careful While Choosing Your Linens

Be Careful While Choosing Your Linens

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so making it more inviting and settled is the ultimate goal of Feng Shui. By choosing the right combination of colors for your linens by Feng Shui principles, you can create an inviting and tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom.

Try to choose the color of your linens that you want to invite into your life. Soothing neutral colors like white, cream, gray, pink, and light yellow are preferable and promote relaxation. Such colors are a good choice and help you enhance the relaxing atmosphere of your bedroom.

16. Open Blinds Everyday

Open Blinds Everyday

Opening blinds every day in your bedroom is as essential as Feng Shui’s head direction. To bring positive vibes into your bedroom and to keep your bedroom lively and blossoming, open blinds every morning. Allow sunlight and fresh air entry into your bedroom that foster a rejuvenating environment, promoting a sense of vitality and well-being. You close bedroom blinds during the evening to make your bedroom atmosphere constant and light. 

17. Consider Your Bed Size

Consider Your Bed Size

The concept of feng shui is all about providing you comfort with improved positive energy and balance. Having a king size bed for your bedroom provides you with a sense of spaciousness, symbolizing abundance and offering a foundation for undisturbed sleep.

18. Induce Natural Elements

Induce Natural Elements

Adding the flavor of nature, like stones, plants, and natural fabrics, inside your bedroom can add sentiments of calmness and tranquility. This atmosphere helps you with quality sleep and a peaceful aura. 

19. Include Soft Lighting

Include Soft Lighting

Harsh and bright lighting can be too stimulating and disturbing. Setting soft and shaded light creates an atmosphere that helps you reduce stress levels and promotes relaxation. You can use lamps, candles, and dimmers that can be adjusted according to your liking and needs. 

20. Clean Your Bedroom Regularly

Clean Your Bedroom Regularly

Cleanliness is the priority of the Feng Shui concept, as it is believed to promote the free flow of positive energy (Chi or qi). Clean your bedroom regularly using natural cleaning agents to maintain a pure and vibrant energy. Boost the energy of your bedroom by diffusing sweet orange oil or any other mild essential oil.

21. Cover Your Ground with Rugs 

Cover Your Ground with Rugs

Rugs help bring gravity to the bedroom and are proven by Feng Shui experts.  The most common rugs are square and rectangular, but round rugs are believed to promote more energy as they have no corners. It is important to choose the right color and pattern of rugs to keep the atmosphere of your bedroom neutral. 

Wrapping Up

That’s all! We have shared 21 feng shui bedroom ideas in this blog, and we hope these ideas will help you energize your space with a soothing and calm atmosphere. Further, a few tips that you should consider apart from this idea are to try not to keep sharp objects inside your bedroom, avoid fountains and water features, and limit the clutter. We hope you have got the information that you were looking for in the Feng Shui concept, and you will implement it successfully across your bedroom interior.

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