You may have seen many types of towers and skyscrapers, but we’re pretty sure that you have never seen a tower like this. We’re talking about Marsk Tower in Denmark. This architecture is designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, recently its first photos have been unveiled. 

It’s pretty fascinating and interesting to look at. Let’s know more about this unique and bizarre structure. 

The Marsk Tower

marsk tower by bjarke ingels group's
  • Architect: Bjarke Ingels Group
  • Location: Hjemsted, Denmark
  • Year: 2021

Located in Hjemsted, Denmark, this unique building is known as ‘The Marsk Tower.’ It is a 25-meter-high viewing tower within the Wadden Sea National Park. The most unusual thing about this architecture is that it has a double helix structure. It was specifically created to attract tourists from all over the world to the Hjemsted area. 

A man standing on a balcony next to 
marsk tower by bjarke ingels group's

Do you know that Wadden Sea National Park is one of the last remaining large-scale intertidal ecosystems in the world?

Yes, this National Park is also widely known for its unique natural environment of sea, woods, dune, heaths, fauna, and wildlife.

An aerial view of a building with
marsk tower by bjarke ingels group's

Marsk Watchtower at the Marsk Camp is entirely surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage-listed marshland in southwestern Denmark. Designed by world-renowned architects from the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), this structure is a masterpiece. Let’s know more details about it.  

marsk tower in a field of wheat

Concept Behind ‘The Marsk Tower’

Concept Behind ‘The Marsk Tower’

The name of this building is so different and unique, right? So, you might be wondering why architects gave the name ‘Marsk Tower.’ Actually, there is a reason behind this. You’ll be surprised to know that it is named in honor of its natural context, the Wadden sea national park, situated in Denmark.

marsk tower in front of a cloudy sky

This spiraling observatory has already made its name as a sculptural landmark in the world. How and why? This is because it rises just above the landscape like a sculptural art object. Pretty impressive, right?

A group of people standing on top of marsk tower by bjarke ingels group's

Currently, this building only functions as an observatory or observation lookout point. However, it will remain the key tourist destination in the area.

The architect said, “It is both a sculpture and an observation tower and is shaped like a double helix and designed in such a way that there is only one way up and another way down.”

marsk tower with people standing on top of it

Construction of The Spiraling Observatory

Construction of The Spiraling Observatory

Situated near the campsite’s restaurant and cafe, this building is about 25 meters tall. Do you know how many stairs you would have to climb to reach the top of the structure? Try guessing..50..100…NO! You have to climb 146 steps on the way up and 131 on the way down! 

marsk tower with a spiral staircase on top of it

However, climbing these staircases is worth it because once you reach the top or the viewing platform, you’ll see breathtaking views of the national park and the North Sea.

An aerial view of marsk tower by bjarke ingels group's

It has a seven-meter broad base that slowly expands outwards to a 12-meter-wide viewing platform at its top. Look at the pictures for reference and see how gracefully it is constructed. 

Another great thing about this tower is that the tower is actually wheelchair accessible. The centralized core is occupied by an elevator that is also accessed by a ground-level ramp.

marsk tower next to a building

Jakob Lange, the Architect, and Partner, BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), said, “Because of the earth’s curvature, visitors will gradually expand their view of the horizon while walking to the top of the tower. On the foot of the tower, you will be able to see 4 km into the distance, but from the top of the tower, the view is expanded to an 18 km view into the horizon.” 

A couple of people that are standing on 
marsk tower

He further added, “The stairs widen at the top of the tower, creating a 110 meter-squared lookout spot with views stretching to the city of Esbjerg, the Islands Rømø and Sylt, and beyond the Wadden Sea to the North Sea.”

marsk tower metal staircase going up

Let’s talk about the basic design of the tower. As you can see, the tower is in the shape of zig-zag patterns. At first glance, this tower appears to be formed almost entirely from stacked steps. 

You’ll be surprised to know that the overall design is inspired by the Human DNA Strand! 

Marsk Camp explained, “Marsk tower consists of a unique construction, where the design is based on nature’s twisted structure and human DNA strand.” 

A tall spiral shaped building on top of a hill

Made from Corten steel, this tower displays a simple design and material palette. This theme is clear and uncomplicated and it beautifully blends with its vast surroundings. 

A tall building with a spiral staircase in front of it

Bjarke Ingels, Founder and Creative Director, BIG, said, “Marsk tower is a testament to our two-decades-long friendship and collaboration with the blacksmiths of Schacks Trapper.”

He further added, “The double helix provides two stairs and an elevator with a single stack of rotating steel steps, allowing visitors to ascend and descend in a single spiraling loop from the sand to the sky – connecting the marshland to the Wadden Sea.”

marsk tower metal structure in a field
marsk tower sitting in the middle of a field
A spiral spiral staircase on top of a building

The Bottom Line

So, this is all about the Marsk Tower project designed by Bjarke Ingels Group. I hope you liked this blog about the Spiraling Observation Tower. Share this blog with your family and friends or with anyone who loves to read about the bizarre and unusual architecture around the globe. 

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