There are many beautiful destinations across the globe that we want to visit after the current pandemic ends, one of the most alluring ones that we have marked on our check-list is of the Portixol I Home, constructed by the renowned Architects, PMA Studio. Spread across a 94-meter square of area, this beautiful home is situated across the Mallorca Island in Spain. 

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Portixol I Home living room
 PMA Studio bedroom
Portixol I Home sink

The project consisted of the renovation of the existing rowhouse. Let us all peep into it and see what the project has to offer and look at how astonishing it is and amusing than the rest of the constructions across the world. Check out this best astonishing living landscape of w-house.

 PMA Studio bathroom

Despite the location having very sparse space available, the architects ensured that they utilize the maximum natural light peeping through space. The main drawing room is a plot against the end of the area, giving it the maximum natural light for its use. They even provide the residents with a large door, (sliders), to give them their choice to expand into the outdoors, if they want. 

 PMA Studio kitchen
Portixol I Home patio with a couch and a tree
Portixol I Home bedroom next to a window

At the front of the property, there is a liberal passageway, with a sitting region and extra room. The entryway along with the window on the side gives ample light to the area. The principle room is arranged close to the passage, while the kids’ room possesses the region where the floor plan limits, with a glass entryway opening onto the living zone and a lookout window to give better lighting. During the visit, one can witness the contraction of space alongside the rooms, that the owners were keen to have to maintain their privacy. Check out this beautiful house p design. 

 Portixol I Home view of a patio through a glass door
Portixol I Home rooftop with a table and chairs and a bottle of wine
Portixol I Home long hallway with a black chair and a white wall

A twofold sink, made up of regular stone is situated in the porch, quickly close to the primary dwelling room, where the area extends. The two washrooms are obtained through this zone, which likewise offers access to a metallic specially crafted flight of stairs, prompting the housetop. On the housetop, there is a specialized washing area and an outside kitchen. There is a bench constructed using the limestone available nearby built across a side of the terrace. The usage of light colors was mostly preferred as the owners wanted to have some aesthetic look.  

Portixol I Home room with a door and a basket hanging on the wall
Portixol I Home room with a chair and a plant
Portixol I Home kitchen with a marble counter top next to a dining room table

Usage of ceramics and local limestones for the flooring suggests that the primitive usage of them was to synchronize with the Mallorca traditions. Meanwhile, the black frames alongside the window showed us that the owners are having their roots from the Scandinavian culture. In the vicinity, there is the famous fishing harbor of Palma city.  

A couple of chairs sitting on top of a white floor
sink and a mirror
A bedroom with a bed, dresser, and window


A plant in a pot next to a stair case
A white toilet sitting next to a white sink
A hallway with a rug and vases on the floor

PMA studio is one of the renowned architectural companies that work on a variety of projects leading from their own city Mallorca to the other side of the city of Madrid. Pablo Madrid, the founder had gained his experience and understanding from Vietnam as well as the United Kingdom. He is also the recipient of the BCN Thinking challenge ||. He also secured third place at the “Plug-In” competition.

Drawing of PMA Studio
 PMA Studio drawing
 PMA Studio plan


This was all about the famous destination situated on the Island of Mallorca. The location is very attractive and the construction has taken place in such a way that every requirement of the owner is taken into consideration. This Portixol I Home, constructed by the PMA Studio is one of its kind. We all dream to have such a place of residence in our lifetime. This was all about the location; we hope you liked the place and its description alongside!

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