If you are planning to purchase a quartz countertop for your kitchen or business, then this guide is for you! We have covered everything you would like to know about these countertops. Quartz or quartz-based composite stones are made of one of the hardest minerals in the world. Thanks to modern technology, today we can benefit from the advantages of quartz countertops in many areas.

Without a doubt, one of these popular areas is our kitchens. Besides quartz countertops offering durability, they also look quite stylish. Thus, they are one of the most preferred decorative yet functional elements in interior decoration.

We do not purchase a quartz countertop every day and thus, we may not have detailed knowledge about what to consider before buying them. If this is the case for you and you would like to learn more, then keep reading!

Why May You Prefer Quartz Countertops?

Why May You Prefer Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops offer unique strength and durability even under heavy use. In addition to this, you do not have to paint them and are considered as one of the best alternatives to granite.

The biggest advantage of quartz countertops compared to granite countertops is they offer simplicity, clarity, brightness, and symmetry in their colors. Since they are man-made products, you can find numerous designs that will perfectly match the overall style in your kitchen or business.

Needless to say, they are also more affordable compared to the other durable countertops. If you do not want to give up on the naturality in your overall design but you have a limited budget, you can prefer these products with peace of mind.

Today, quartz countertops are one of the most preferred countertop types all around the world. You can also benefit from this trend and provide a contemporary look in your design. One of the best parts of these countertops is you can find plenty of amazing designs, patterns, and colors you are going to love!

Now, let’s check out what you need to pay attention to while buying quartz countertops. It is worth noting that receiving professional help from an interior decorator can be a great idea to create the perfect combination in your kitchen or business.

What to Consider While Buying Quartz Countertops?

What to Consider While Buying Quartz Countertops

The first and most important thing you need to consider while buying these products is you need to love the design. You should never buy products by giving an ear to the advice of people around you.

It is also important to keep in mind that quartz stones should never be used without any purification. Although most of the products on the markets undergo all the required processes, you should keep this fact in your mind. Needless to say, you have to clean your countertop before you use it.

Most buyers prefer quartz countertops due to their naturality. However, it is worth noting that all-natural materials are subjected to chemical processes before being offered on the markets. This also includes wood countertops. In this regard, quartz countertops include about ten percent polyester resin to add extra durability and strength.

Thus, it may be a great idea to ask the percentage of the mixture before you purchase any countertop. Ten percent polyester resin is the industry standard all around the world. You would never want to buy mixtures that include more polyester resin than the standard.

Another important detail you need to consider is the price of these countertops. Depending on your preferences or demands, the prices may greatly vary. In this regard, the size and thickness of your countertop can also affect the cost of your quartz countertop.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of preferring quartz countertops in your kitchens, then keep reading. We have covered the reasons why you may want to prefer these amazing products in the following.

Pros and Cons of Using Quartz in Your Countertop

Pros and Cons of Using Quartz in Your Countertop

Below, we have covered both aspects of preferring quartz countertops for you! First, we are going to discuss its cons and then provide detailed information on their pros..

  • The first thing that comes to mind when quartz countertops are in question is their durability. It is the most important feature of these materials. This means that you will not have to spend an extra budget restoring your products for many years.
  • Another advantage of these composite stones is their high resistance to heat. Your countertop will never lose pigments or structure due to high heat. You can easily place your pots and pans on your countertop without any worry.
  • Quartz may look quite appealing however, due to its nature, you are going to feel cold no matter when you touch it. On average, it is colder than other natural materials such as wood, chipboard, and other stones.
  • Another disadvantage of quartz is the difficulty in fixing it. If somehow, your countertop may be damaged, you will have to replace it. In addition to this, they are quite heavy, which may lead to problems during the installation and transportation.


You will not have to worry about the moisture as well. Quartz has a non-porous structure. Thus, it does not absorb any water and leads to humidity in your working space. Therefore, quartz countertops are some of the most preferred countertops both in kitchens and bathrooms.

Moreover, these countertops are also an ideal choice for businesses. They are the perfect investment that you can benefit from for long years without worrying about deterioration or anything else.

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