When it comes to bathrooms, in particular, there are lots of ways that getting creative with your storage can help ensure that everything has its place and nothing gets forgot about or piled up on the floor. So if you’re feeling stuck for ideas on how to get more out of your bathroom without making any major structural changes or taking up too much room, then here are 6 simple design tips that may just give your tiny suite some extra style points! Let’s have a look at these best design ideas for a small bathroom.

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Choose One Main Color

A really cool idea for adding some style without taking up too much space would be sticking with one main color but using different textures within that palette so there isn’t an overwhelming amount of uniformity making it difficult for people to tell where they are. For example, if you pick blue as the dominant color then maybe go ahead and apply wallpaper that features waves crashing against a beach, but then mix it up by adding a smooth blue countertop and some shiny silver faucets.

Cover Up Old Tiles with Wallpaper Border 

Cover Up Old Tiles with Wallpaper Border 

That’s right, you can give your small bathroom new life just by adding wallpaper around the edges of the walls that cover with outdating tile patterns or colors. You can even pick out some fun color pattern prints that will really liven up this space! The extra benefit? Wallpaper borders provide protection against moisture so they are perfect if you have bathrooms near kitchens where steam might be more prevalent than other rooms in your home.

Add a Small Vanity to the Bathroom’s Corner or Wall

If you’re like most people, there are an endless amount of products that need to store in your bathroom for daily use. This includes things like shampoo bottles, towels, and toilet paper among others.

Rather than cramming all these items on top of each other or stacking them vertically with bulky shelves which may make it difficult when trying to grab something quickly at a later time, find some roomy cabinets with doors built into your wall instead or just add a small vanity where you can store all your stuff.

Installing a Sanicompact toilet, a sleek and space-saving option that combines a toilet and a built-in macerator pump, perfect for maximizing space in small bathrooms.

Replace a Shower Curtain with Glass Door 

Replace a Shower Curtain with Glass Door 

Shower curtains are usually thin, cheaply form, and can take up a lot of space. If you have the option to replace it with a glass door, go for it! It will give your bathroom an instant makeover without costing too much money and will make it feel like there’s much more space in here and you’ll be able to take advantage of all that natural light coming in through the window or skylight nearby.

Plus, having access to the showerhead is great for those who need assistance or if there’s someone in your household that needs their privacy when they bathe.

Hang a Round Mirror Behind the Sink

Mirrors are great for making small spaces feel larger, and this one will bounce light around so everything is brighter! You can also put another large mirror against the wall across from the door so when you open it, you can take in how beautiful your space looks all at once! This also makes cleaning easier since both sides of the shower will be visible without getting wet – just wipe each side down separately.

Add a Towel Rack to Save on Countertop Space 

Add a Towel Rack to Save on Countertop Space 

One of the most common complaints about bathroom organization is that it’s difficult to find space for things like towels, toiletries, and other accessories. If you struggle with this problem, an excellent solution is adding towel racks to your wall or next to your shower. This will take up very little floor room while also freeing up valuable countertop real estate for other items. If there isn’t room for a rod, try installing hooks or shelves that can hold your hand towels and washcloths.


Having a small bathroom can be discouraging because you feel like there is not enough space for your needs. However, this does not mean that you cannot make the most of it! With some smart design ideas and clever tricks, even the smallest bathrooms can look amazing when done right. Hopefully, with those tips, you will transform your bathroom and make it look bigger than it already is while still being functional!

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