If you can’t stop thinking about remodeling and have loads of kitchen island ideas swirling in your mind, you’re right on track! We believe kitchen islands are like the glue that puts your home together. They’re multitasking champs—great for prepping meals, casual dining, and storing stuff. Plus, they add that wow factor to your space. We’ve put together awesome kitchen island ideas in different styles. These kitchens, designed by top pros, are packed with inspiration for your future renovation. Whether you fancy a space for homework, fancy cooking, or just your morning cuppa, a practical and gorgeous island will become the heart of your home.

1. Kitchen Palette Island

kitchen pallette island

Using wood pallets might be a cost-effective way to create a kitchen island. Either do it yourself or get one for around $50. Amass whatever scrap wood you can find, or hunt for reasonably priced parts to demonstrate your carpentry abilities. This activity is both inexpensive and satisfying. However, it may take some time if you’re not familiar with it.

2. Dresser to Kitchen Island

dresser to kitchen island

There is no rule that says your kitchen island ideas must be classic. Make do with what you have by finding new uses for things like discarded dressers. Make something fresh and practical out of them instead of putting them in a drawer or throwing them away.

Just give that old dresser a little paint, and you’ll have the perfect kitchen island. The nicest thing? You may not even have to spend much on this.

3. Industrial Kitchen Island

industrial kitchen island

You can easily turn an old industrial cart into a beautiful kitchen island by giving it a little TLC, installing a wood top, and painting the sides. It may appear outdated and industrial, but it serves its purpose well in the kitchen. In terms of kitchen islands, this is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget.

4. Do It Yourself (DIY) Kitchen Island

DIY Kitchen Island

Making your own kitchen island is a great way to save money. Designate a certain area in your kitchen’s layout and, using low-cost or repurposed materials, create an illusion of a high-end finish.

If money is limited, you may still have a professionally planned layout that fits your kitchen and looks amazing without spending a fortune.

5. Gaby Kitchen Island

Gaby Kitchen Island

Consider the Gaby if you’re in need of a kitchen island but are strapped for time or money. It’s little, uncomplicated, and perfect for the kitchen. Without breaking the bank, even a novice can put it together. This is ideal for folks like you who are looking for something simple and inexpensive.

6. Pottery Barn-Inspired Kitchen Island

pottery barn kitchen island

Its compact size makes it ideal for kitchen island ideas, while its retro style makes it perfect for any home. You can roll it about your kitchen or house as needed, so give it a look. No need to fiddle with the size; it’s perfect. Get this one if you want your kitchen to seem like something out of a bygone era!

7. Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Consider having it made by woodworkers if your design is simple. Keep your budget in mind when you seek expert aid, even if you’re on a small budget. It seems to be of high quality; it is clearly not inexpensive. Everything about it has that endearing rustic vibe. This is an excellent pick if you’re fond of that rustic, country feel.

8. Kitchen Island Cart

Kitchen Island Cart

The little, portable, and space-saving nature of this kitchen island is true to its name. This cart is quite stunning in appearance, thanks to its modern and elegant style. You won’t find a more stylish or reasonably priced island than this one!

9. Mobile Kitchen Island

Mobile Kitchen Island

This is a great option if you are looking for a cheap and portable kitchen island ideas. Make use of wooden planks for the top and metal rods for the legs. With wheels, it becomes very portable, making it ideal for tight quarters; just roll it out of the way anytime it gets in your way. If this is what you’re looking for, then go ahead and include it in your kitchen!

10. Rustic Kitchen Island Idea

Rustic Kitchen Island

From the light fixtures to the wooden island, every element of this kitchen design has a homey, rustic atmosphere. The end product of constructing a kitchen island out of lumber planks. The best thing about DIY projects is that you get to choose the materials and sizes. Here, we have one that is well suited to the demands of a medium-sized kitchen.

11. A Butcher Block Island

Block butcher island

Aim for something long-lasting, elegant, and multipurpose if you value affordability and adaptability. An ideal choice would be a butcher block. It transforms into a table and a work surface when set as the top of a kitchen island. Since it comes pre-assembled and doesn’t need any additional cutting boards, it’s a fantastic substitute for the traditional kitchen island.

In addition, you may get creative with the space beneath this countertop and install drawers or shelves if you need more storage. It’s a versatile choice that provides practicality and good looks.

12. Use Marbles

marble kitchen island

A Marble Island is a frequent feature in many modern, upscale kitchens. Classic elegance and grace are their guiding principles. Although they lack additional storage space, these marble islands are otherwise perfect.

In stark contrast to the soft furnishings, the oak cabinets and marble countertop make a striking design statement. Boldly veined marble is a favorite among designers and kitchen enthusiasts.

13. Wood Finish

Wood Finish Island

For a more natural feel, choose a wood finish. You can fit a lot of stuff into this layout. An elegant walnut-veneer kitchen island with a wood finish complements the rest of the kitchen’s sophisticated design.

14. Change the Layout

change the kitchen island layout

Escape the monotony of the same old rectangle form. One way to be unique is to try a form that is slightly bent. A little adjustment to the island’s form may have a huge impact on the aesthetic of your kitchen.

15. Unusual Shape

unusual shape of kitchen island

Compared to the conventional kitchen layout, totally round kitchen island ideas offer a refreshing twist. The quality and craftsmanship of this one are second to none. Compared to harsh, boxy cabinets, the modern ones with smooth, rounded edges make the room seem cozier. For that reason, we think an unusual form is the way to go.

16. Modern Design

modern kitchen island

Take a look at this stunning example of a small kitchen island. Minimalist designs are common for kitchen furnishings in smaller spaces. In an effort to maintain an uncluttered appearance, they don’t adorn the outside with any elaborate patterns or embellishments.

17. Big Lights

big lights in kitchen

If you’re looking to create an atmosphere of tranquility in your home, a wooden island is a great choice. You can’t have a contemporary kitchen without pendant lights, and this set has them. These more substantial lights will illuminate your kitchen island with a soft glow.

18. L-shaped Kitchen Islands

L shaped kitchen island

L-shaped kitchen island ideas are a great way to maximize the space in your kitchen and provide more room for breakfast. They are ideal for large families or anybody who enjoys throwing parties since they make the kitchen a more communal space. On top of that, this arrangement makes serving food and beverages a snap.

19. Large Island

large island

Is your kitchen spacious? Invest in a spacious kitchen island without hesitation. Add plenty of seats and make it extra long. It’s both an eye-catching accent piece and a practical replacement for a tabletop dining set.

20. Create a Contrast

contrast of kitchen island

The combination of oak cabinets and a marble countertop stands out well against the surrounding furnishings. Marble with striking veining is a popular choice among kitchen designers and enthusiasts.

21. Break the Monotony

break the monotony

One way to visually divide up a long kitchen island is to switch up the surface materials, as in this design. Because it divides the space into two separate areas, it may accommodate many uses while maintaining its central location. Depending on your needs, you may use the stone portion for food preparation, the wood for dining, and perhaps even some bar stools to round off the set.

22. Sync Your Kitchen

sync your kitchen

Behold this little but formidable kitchen island—it embodies a contemporary and individualized aesthetic. The appliances, walls, and flooring are all expertly matched to create a unified aesthetic.

23. Set Out a Separate Space

set out a seperate space

Are large families and entertainers the perfect fit? Could it perhaps be the best option for a dining room table? Is a kitchen island necessary, or would you prefer a separate area for food preparation and eating?

24. Pop Out the Color

pop out the color

It is no surprise that bold colors consistently score high on the list of top contemporary kitchen island trends when everything matches, from appliances to walls and flooring.

25. Double Layered Kitchen Island

double layered kitchen island

In most European homes, you won’t see a kitchen island with two levels. By alone, its unusual form makes a strong impression, but when combined with its other striking features, it becomes much more striking.

26. Curved Island

curved island

To make a statement and add some personality to the island, go for a somewhat rounded shape. If your kitchen is spacious enough, a large island is a wonderful addition for large families or hosts who often host gatherings of friends and neighbors.

27. Twin Islands

twin islands

Given the air of refined elegance it exudes, the double island is sure to remain a popular kitchen design choice for the foreseeable future. Everyone may gather around the kitchen in the home and have a conversation using a bar-style arrangement. In addition, the design is eye-catching and contemporary, perfect for any kitchen.

28. Size Doesn’t Matter

size of kitchen island

The want of an island is not heavily dependent on the dimensions of the kitchen. Prepare meals or set up a breakfast bar with even a little one, measuring 40 by 40 inches. You can see how to make a kitchen island work in a little room by looking at this layout. Island builders can make them to your exact measurements, so you may choose the perfect one for your requirements in terms of depth, height, and breadth.

29. Handleless Island

handless kitchen island

Convenience and multitasking have been major kitchen trends as of late. Consider this kitchen island design—it’s flawless—with no handles at all. Its intuitive design allows for a great deal of multitasking and ease of use.

30. Maximize Storage

maximize storage on your kitchen island

Maximize the space for storage on your kitchen island. Make sure you have enough room on both sides to keep stuff deep. A kitchen island with walnut veneer and a wooden finish is the focal point of this design, which provides enough storage space. The addition of this piece elevates the kitchen’s decor to a whole new level.

31. Elegant Cabinetry

elegant kitchen cabinetry

With its deep, rich hues, walnut cabinetry gives the kitchen island an air of refined sophistication that is characteristic of a well-designed kitchen. Walnut cabinetry is a favorite among interior designers and homeowners due to its fine grain and smooth surface.

A kitchen island with walnut cabinets will be all the rage because of the sophisticated air it exudes. Not only does it give your kitchen a contemporary style, but it also makes a sophisticated statement.

32. Add Lights

lights on kitchen island

Create the illusion of more room by subtly illuminating your kitchen island. This is the perfect task for pendant lights. They are an easy way to incorporate useful lighting into a well-planned kitchen and create the ideal ambiance. An integral part of any contemporary kitchen’s layout is the lighting.

Adding pendant lights to your kitchen island will make it seem larger and provide you with extra storage space. It’s the quickest and easiest method to illuminate your kitchen to your exact liking. In today’s kitchens, lighting is an essential component, and not just for the island.

33. Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

stainless steel kitchen island

An elegant and functional addition to any kitchen is a stainless steel island. Still, being on a wooden island makes you feel more at home with nature. It’s multipurpose; you may use half of it for food preparation and the other half for eating. Round out the dining room with some open shelving or counter stools.

34. Go White

white kitchen islands

White is a popular choice among homeowners because of its timeless beauty and understated sophistication. That’s why this kind of kitchen will never go out of style, even in the contemporary day.

White kitchen islands are great for interior design since they are both basic and refreshing. Their simplicity, calmness, and brightness make them a welcome addition to any room. Plus, unlike other colors, white island tops are simple to swap out whenever you like.

35. Contrasting Countertops

contrasting countertops

Adding contrasting countertops adds a sophisticated and elegant touch. Adding a touch of minimalism elevates the space and makes it more striking. The kitchen is instantly more cheerful after a little color play.

36. Double the Breakfast Space

double the breakfast space

Using an L-shaped kitchen island to extend your breakfast area is a great way to make the most of your space and make your kitchen a more social place for cooking and entertaining. These are perfect for large families or anybody who loves to host parties since they make serving food and beverages a breeze.

37. Go with Large Everything

go with large kitchen

A big kitchen island with open shelving or an overhang is a great choice if you have the space. Distinctive features include an unusually lengthy length, an abundance of seats (almost like a dining room), and an abundance of convenient counter space. In place of the standard dining table, it’s perfect.

38. Better Seating

better seating in kitchen

A multi-functional kitchen island with seating is a common feature in most kitchens. It has several uses, including working, cooking, and even spending time with loved ones. For example, a wood island near the sink and some pendant lights give a more modern Victorian kitchen an air of refined elegance.

39. Dreamy Kitchen

This kind of kitchen is sure to be popular for a long time to come, particularly among contemporary homeowners. Having a desk and bookcases around the edge of the island is just one example of how to use limited square footage. It’s all about making the most of limited space, like your ideal rural kitchen.

40. Mid-Sized Kitchen Island

mid sized kitchen island

This mid-sized kitchen island is the perfect complement to the contemporary style of the room. A vibrant, contemporary kitchen island can be a great addition to even the most modest or medium-sized kitchen. A colorful backsplash is another option for adding color.


What decorations to put on kitchen island?

You can add a lot of decorations like candles, fruit baskets, dishes, bowls, and more to add to your kitchen island.

Where should a kitchen island be placed?

Ideally, it should be placed about 42-48 inches away from the counters. It must also be placed in a manner so as not to interrupt movement.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a kitchen island?

It is cheaper to buy a kitchen island than to have one built for you.


Even when incorporating kitchen island ideas into your kitchen design, but it doesn’t have to break the bank to be beneficial. Even a simple, budget-friendly one can add value to a home. It’s not just about splurging on something fancy. In fact, it’s a chance to get hands-on and craft a DIY kitchen fixture that’s wallet-friendly too.

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