Whether you’re living in a spacious suburban house or a cozy 500-square-foot city apartment (hey, that’s me!), the kitchen is where all the action happens. It’s the hub for meal prep (or attempts at it) and the go-to gathering spot for guests. 

Naturally, you want your kitchen to look as good as possible. If you’re lucky enough to have a breakfast bar, kitchen island, or even a real bar, stools for kitchen island can take your spot up a notch. 

The best ones are not only stylish but also sturdy and, most importantly, comfortable. In my opinion, a fantastic set of seats can turn your kitchen or dining space into the ultimate party pad.

Of course, finding affordable yet nice furniture can be a challenge when you’re trying to furnish your space without maxing out your credit cards. If you’re on a budget, consider checking out online stores for affordable options. 

With the help of our expert insights, we’ve picked out our favorite bar stools for kitchen islands available. The search is based on their assembly ease, design, comfort, style, and overall functionality. Keep scrolling to check out our full list of the best bar stools for your home and kitchen.

1. Poly & Bark Counter Stool7

Poly & Bark Counter Stool7
Product Dimension17″D x 19.75″W x 33.5″H
ColorsGray, Tan
Frame MaterialMetal
Seat MaterialLeather
Item Weight13 Pounds

The Poly & Bark Paxton stool is a great option if you like the appearance of leather but would rather have a fake one. It’s more reasonably priced and requires less maintenance than leather, yet it still has the sleek beauty of leather without including any animal products. Although the legs are thin, the welded base provides strong support for about 300 pounds, making the urban design ideal for contemporary or industrial kitchens.

With only four screws to assemble, the modern stools for kitchen island are very low maintenance. It is important to note that while the seat has a scooped shape for comfort, prolonged sitting may result in the lower back no longer offering as much support. Remember that if you want to use them for extended periods of time.

2. Brage Living Metal Bar Stool

Brage Living Metal Bar Stool
Product Dimension15″D x 15″W x 29″H
ColorsGold, Bronze, Rose Gold, Black
Frame MaterialMetal
Seat MaterialMetal
Item Weight13.5 Pounds

Go for all-metal bar stools for a hint of understated glitz. We choose the Brage Living metal barstool among other models because of its versatility, ease of use, and a touch of vintage appeal. Your rear will feel comfortable on this seat thanks to its ergonomic molding, dispelling any initial worries that a solid metal stool would not be comfortable.

Worried that the gold finish won’t blend with your kitchen accents? Rose gold, bronze, and black finishes are all options. These stools fit well in any kitchen island, bar, or counter area since they are simple to change from counter to bar height. They could be more vulnerable to fingerprints and scratches, however, because of their glossy surface, so a periodic fast wipe-down will keep them looking like new.

3. Wood Saddle-Seat Kitchen Stool

Wood Saddle-Seat Kitchen Stool
Product Dimension12.64″D x 16.93″W x 24.02″H
ColorsBlack, Brown, White
Frame MaterialWood
Seat MaterialWood
Item Weight21.62 Pounds

Buying multiple bar stools can become expensive in no time, especially if you need more than one— and who doesn’t, right? Well, here’s the good news: This Amazon bestseller is incredibly budget-friendly, allowing you to furnish your seating area without breaking the bank. Built from wood for a solid, these stools have a slight curve in the seat for added comfort. With footrests providing extra support, these 25-pound seats are surprisingly easy to move around yet sturdy enough not to easily topple over. You can choose from finishes in black, white, or brown.

4. Linon Linen Backless Claridge Stool

Linon Linen Backless Claridge Stool
Product Dimension11.75″D x 17.25″W x 26.5″H
ColorsBeige & Dark Walnut
Frame MaterialWood
Seat MaterialFabric
ShapeCounter Stool
Item Weight13 Pounds

This inexpensive bar stool will give your dining area a rustic but elegant feel. It has beige cushions with a chic nailhead trim and dark wood legs. Due to its individual sales pricing, this bar stool is a wonderful option for those who require a single seat or for those who need sets of two or four. With its 26.5-inch height, this stool is perfect for tucking under tables to save up valuable floor space. Clients like how they “fit precisely beneath the counter.”

5. Metal Barstools with Wood Seat

Metal Barstools with Wood Seat
Product Dimension16.1″D x 16.1″W x 37″H
ColorsBlack, Gray, Distressed Gold, White, & Mint, Cream White, Gun Metal, Silver
Frame MaterialMetal
Seat MaterialWood
Item Weight50.9 Pounds

Unable to choose between backless and backrest-equipped bar stools? You don’t need to worry; these seats have you covered. Because the back is detachable, you can simply add or remove them as you see fit, or you can keep them on two stools and leave the others bare. This set of four bar stools comes in three different heights, so you can use them for a lower table or a kitchen island. With a footrest to keep your feet from dangling and a high back to lean on, you can be comfortable at any height.

6. Homall Swivel Bar Stools

Homall Swivel Bar Stools
Product Dimension16.54″D x 20.47″W x 16.14″H
ColorsBlack, Beige, Blue, Brown, Gray, Orange, Pink, Red, Silver, White
Frame MaterialMetal
Seat MaterialLeather
Item Weight30.9 Pounds

Not a fan of being still? These contemporary leather bar stools allow for easy side-to-side swiveling. By simply altering the height, everybody, regardless of height, may find comfortable sitting. Your feet won’t swing thanks to the footrest, which prevents points and needles. Additionally, the soft cushion and backrest provide additional comfort; one buyer said that it “creates an excellent base for sitting for a long time.”

7. Industrial Kitchen Bar Stools

Industrial Kitchen Bar Stools
Product Dimension11.8″L x 11.8″W x 25.8″H
ColorsGreige + Black, Rustic Brown + Black
Frame MaterialMetal
Seat MaterialParticleboard
Item Weight13.9 Pounds

Compact homes and spaces need clever designs. These two sleek and basic bar chairs have tiny circular seats and tall metal legs. Try them out in a small dining space or studio apartment with a bar cabinet, high-top table, or counter table. These inexpensive bar stools may be stowed under a table and take up little room, even if they do not have backs or cushions like other options. They nevertheless perform the job well!

8. Rattan Bar Stools

Rattan Bar Stools
Product Dimension16.15″D x 18.9″W x 33.86″H
ColorsBeige, Brown, Gray, Orange
Frame MaterialBamboo
Seat MaterialFabric
Item Weight18.5 Pounds

Whether your kitchen is rustic, beachy, or bistro-style, these rattan bar stools with weaving provide a certain organic warmth to the area. They may even provide a more contemporary kitchen, which would be an intriguing contrast. They easily fit at a small kitchen island or a tall breakfast bar since they are available to counter height.

Because rattan may be sensitive, make sure you treat things carefully. If there are any spills, quickly wipe them with a moist towel and dust them with a soft, dry cloth instead of using household cleaners or brushes.

9. Furmax Metal Bar Stools

Furmax Metal Bar Stools
Product Dimension11.8″D x 11.8″W x 30″H
ColorsGun, Black Gold, Black, White, Blue, Green, Gray, Orange, Red, Silver, Yellow
Frame MaterialMetal
Seat MaterialMetal
Item Weight21.8 Pounds

These metal bar stools include waterproof paint for easy cleaning and long-lasting outdoor use, scratch-resistant construction, and rubber feet to prevent sliding. With 12 colors to choose from, you may add a splash of color to your area by going big with pops of color. You can also stay conservative with neutrals. They are simple to stack for storage in the winter because of their sleek, backless design. As an alternative, pick up an additional pack of four to have on hand for any more partygoers!

10. Aklaus Farmhouse Style Metal Bar Stools

Aklaus Farmhouse Style Metal Bar Stools
Product Dimension17.1″D x 17.3″W x 36″H
ColorsBlack, Cream, Rusty, Silver
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Seat MaterialMetal
Item Weight55 Pounds

With multiple height choices, these rustic stools for kitchen islands with backs will complete the farmhouse vibe in your kitchen. This four-piece set has wide hardwood chairs with metal-framed backs. It is available in silver, rusty, cream, and black hues. One buyer even said that all you need to do to assemble it is connect the seat to the legs. Note that you can always use a substitute padding to offer even more comfort.

11. Signature Design by Ashley Valebeck

Signature Design by Ashley Valebeck
Product Dimension19″D x 19″W x 37″H
ColorsBlack, Gray, White. Bight & Dark Brown
Frame MaterialWood
Seat MaterialWood
Item Weight27 Pounds

This hardwood bar stool has a 360-degree swivel and a footrest, with comfort and design. The counter stools for the kitchen island, which embrace a mid-century contemporary style, include nail trimming on the cushion and a black metal footrest for a rustic feel. To match your eating area, the wooden back and legs are available in whitewash and different tones of black, brown, and gray.

12. All-Weather Swivel Bar Stools

All-Weather Swivel Bar Stools
Product Dimension26.4″D x 23.2″W x 51.4″H
Frame MaterialMetal
Seat MaterialTextilene
Item Weight41 Pounds

These patio and outdoor bar chairs are useful additions to any kitchen. Ready for both sunny and chilly weather days, this swivel bar stool has powder-coated aluminum legs and armrests with fabric upholstery. To meet your family’s demands or make sure you have adequate seats for outdoor gatherings, you may choose a set of two or three chairs if you need more.

13. Mid Century Bar Stools

Mid Century Bar Stools
Product Dimension15.25″D x 20″W x 45.75″H
ColorsWhite, Black, Brown, Cream, Blue, Gray, Mustard
Frame MaterialMetal
Seat MaterialLeather
Item Weight25.57 Pounds

Guess what? You can find some very cute (and reasonably priced!) furniture on Amazon, like this pair of imitation leather swivel chairs with a vintage look. They are adjustable in height, so you can set them on a high-top island bar or your counter. They are available in a number of colors.

Stools For Kitchen Island Buying Guide

Stools include a single base seat that can accommodate one person and one or more legs. Unlike chairs, they usually don’t have a back. However, some contemporary styles could feature arms and backs. It is important to take variations in material, weight, height, and seat size into consideration when choosing a kitchen, dining, or island stool.

1. Location

Some kitchen layouts include “island” units in the middle of the space. This is a great spot for informal eating, especially for short meals like lunch or breakfast. In the absence of an island, some kitchens may include a breakfast bar as a substitute. It’s a great way to make use of wall space and create another casual sitting place. 

Or, if you don’t have an island unit, think about purchasing a bar table. These tables are higher due to their longer legs, which makes them perfect for smaller areas or using an underused wall in a room. If there is room in your house for it, you may utilize the main dining table for more formal meals.

2. Height

It’s important that the height of your bar stools provides for comfortable sitting. Whether you’re enjoying breakfast at your bar table or grabbing a quick lunch at the kitchen or island counter, you shouldn’t feel too low or have your knees pressed up on the underbelly. The heights of kitchen countertops, bar table tops, and tables vary, necessitating differing sitting heights.

When choosing a kitchen bar stool, the seat height is unquestionably one of the most important considerations. Your legs should be able to comfortably fit beneath the bar table or island countertop so that you can sit with the same posture as at a standard dining table.

3. Width

Let’s now consider how many stools your kitchen island or counter can accommodate without being too tight. If you choose stools with armrests or cushioning, the typical seat width is around 42 cm, but it may increase to 55 cm. Aim to space each stool 15 cm apart for maximum comfort. This guarantees that individuals may turn, get on, or off the seat with ease and comfort without bumping against one another.

Measure the width of your counter and divide the result by 70 cm to get the number of stools you need. This allows for a robust stool with arms. For example, two bar stools with armrests or maybe three bar stools without armrests would fit snugly on a counter of 182 cm in width.

4. Backrest

A kitchen stool’s backrest can have a different height. Choosing a bar stool with a high backrest might attract a lot of attention. Also, take into account the stool’s intended use. Low-back and backless bar stools are great for informal eating or perching. At the same time, high-back stools provide comfort over extended periods of time.

5. Arms

These stools are undoubtedly more comfortable, but because of their design, they can feel quite heavy.

Choose The Best Stools For Kitchen Island

When looking for kitchen stools for island, keep the following things in mind:

1. Average Seat Depth

The space between the front of the seat and the backrest of the stool is where you sit. The area that the stool will take up is its total depth.

2. Footrest Dimensions

Although measurements might vary, circular footrests usually measure between 36 and 38 cm. Since the footrest supports the weight of the people using the stool, make sure it is sturdy and not fragile.

3. Base Width

The diameters of stool bases range between 38 cm and 50 cm. For stability, larger chairs sometimes need a broader base. Take into account the base diameter, particularly in cramped areas, to prevent stumbling over the legs as you pass.

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