A conservatory is a secluded area outside your home or building that you can use to grow your plants. It’s usually made of transparent material such as glass. There are many designs you can adopt for your conservatory.

These designs fall under traditional and modern ones, whose differences are based on the type of materials you use, depending on trends. How do you go about building a modern conservatory? Put your worries to rest; this post will answer this for you. Read on!

Keep in mind the following steps:

Know Your Local Building Regulations

Know Your Local Building Regulations

The first step to take before building your modern conservatory is to familiarize yourself with the associated laws regarding its construction. Most states won’t require you to get a permit for your construction, but there are restrictions on your conservatory’s features.

The laws might state that its height should be at a certain height, without exceeding that of your current house. The conservatory’s square meters shouldn’t be more than half of that of your home; it shouldn’t be an obstruction to other parties, etc.

These are some of the rules you’re likely to find in your search. By not conforming, you’ll be legible for penalties, and in some cases, the authorities might take it down.

Identify A Suitable Location

Identify A Suitable Location for Modern Conservatory

Finding the perfect location for your modern conservatory is a step you shouldn’t skip. The location determines the effectiveness of the conservatory and the resources you need to put into it. 

The ideal location for your project should be where it’ll face the sun. The sun will provide enough heat in your conservatory, reducing the need to invest in insulation.

Also, if you want the conservatory to be a garden, your plants will require sunlight to grow, which the sun’s rays will provide. You won’t have to look for artificial light sources in the conservatory.

Dig Out The Foundation

Dig Out The Foundation For Modern Conservatory

The foundation forms the most important element of your conservatory – it’s what will hold your building in place years down the line. The foundation depth should be approximately 1.6m below ground level, including a 600mm trench. Dig these measurements out, considering the shape you desire for your conservatory. 

Once done, level the ground and make a concrete foundation. The concrete thickness shouldn’t be less than 225mm for adequate strength. Build the foundation walls, which will take the weight from the conservatory and transfer it to the foundation and later to the surrounding area.

The final height of your foundation should go hand-in-hand with the ground level of your existing house. Once you finish the foundation walls, backfill with the excavated material and level the ground. 

Insulate The Conservatory’s Floors

Insulate The Conservatory’s Floors for Modern Conservatory

As previously stated, insulation is one of the necessities of your conservatory. Your plants require warmth to grow, and your feet also need to be warm as you enjoy your indoors outdoors, which the insulation will provide.

The best place to do your conservatory insulation is on the floor since the other elements, such as the walls, won’t be sufficient. When do you place your insulation? 

Place the reinforcement once you’re done leveling and placing the damp-proof membrane. In this case, the BRC roll, after which you should place your preferred floor insulation like grade polystyrene. The insulation should be at least 125mm thick for efficiency. 

Alternatively, you can first concrete the slab after placing the BRC, then install your floor insulation. Nonetheless, you should place it before floor screeding.

Build The Walls

Build The Walls of Modern Conservatory

Unlike a house, the walls of a modern conservatory don’t take up much space. You’ll only require two or three courses from your concrete slab. You can decide to use natural stone or bricks for your walls. 

As you lay out the walls, leave enough space for the windows and door, considering they’ll occupy the biggest area. Consider taking the measurements of your windows beforehand. You’ll avoid mistakes where the space you’ve left for the windows and door is too big or small. 

Install Windows And A Door

Install Windows And A Door

For a modern conservatory, the type of window and door to adopt are those with aluminum frames. These frames are thin enough to enable you to have large glazing for your elements. Remember, you want as much natural lighting in your conservatory as possible. 

Start by installing the window frames, ensuring you tightly join them to the wall. If there are spaces, especially at the corners, fill them using a cement and sand mixture. The cement and sand will not only fill the gap but also act as an adhesive between the wall and your frames. 

Once you’ve secured the frames, go in with the glazing. Be sure to fit them correctly to prevent air leaks. Air leaks will be your conservatory’s worst enemy, despite your use of the space. They’ll interfere with your insulation, forcing you to invest in other heating methods. This becomes expensive, which is undesirable.

Construct A Roof

Roof Construction Of Modern Conservatory

The roof is the easiest element to put in place. All you need to do is identify the roofing material you want for your conservatory. This material can range from clay bricks to shingles. Alternatively, you can extend your Aluminum design to your roof and adopt the glazing system. The sun will also stream in from the roof, which is a plus. 

Once everything is set up, remember to install gutters all-round the roof. They’ll drive away rainwater from your roof and direct it away from your foundation. 


The feature above has taken you through the necessary steps to ensure you come up with a modern conservatory. This information isn’t just for your reading; adopt the tips given, and you’ll end up with your desired modern conservatory design. 

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