Wooden furniture can bring out a natural look in your concrete house. Read along to know how to restore wooden furniture surfaces and maintain their natural look.

Wood is a decor and style material. Many people use wood furniture and floors to give the house a more vintage and classic look. Unfortunately, wooden objects wear down over time, leaving that once beautiful piece of furniture looking old and lusterless.  

From discoloration to scratches, wooden objects or surfaces are vulnerable to all kinds of damage. However, a damaged wooden piece of furniture does not mean you have to get rid of it. You can repair the damage and restore its beauty by following the right procedure.

We’re going to discuss some steps here on how to repair the damage caused to the surfaces of your wooden furniture and restore its former look. Let’s get started! 

Restoring Discoloration

Restoring Discoloration

There are various man-made artificial products available in the market that can bring back the soft glow and natural color of faded wood. But why use chemicals when there is a natural remedy for that! 

Coconut oil is a great remedy for wood discoloration. To apply the oil, take a lint-free cloth, and apply at least three coatings. Then, let it dry for a while. Coconut oil will rehydrate dry wood and restore the natural color of wooden furniture surfaces. The color may appear a little darker at first, but it is a restoration of the natural, healthier color.

Restoring Minor Scratch Marks

Use this natural remedy to get rid of tiny scratches and dings on your furniture. Mix ¾ cup of canola oil with ¼ cup of white or apple cider vinegar, and apply the mixture to the distressed area. Slowly, the marks will disappear, and the wood will look good as new. 

Using a marker that matches the shade of the furniture is also a great way to remove minor scratches. In case you’re wondering how to use markers on wood, it’s quite simple! All you need is to shake the pen, press the tip a few times, and test the pen on a piece of paper until the ink flows smoothly. Then, you are all set to remove the scratch marks! 

If you are not comfortable guessing the color of your furniture, some shops sell markers particularly for a furniture touch-up and flooring too. You would be amazed at how well this works.

Repairing Major Damages

Repairing Major Damages of Wooden Furniture

Bondo is a substitute for usual wood fillers preferred by many furniture restorers. Simply mix the Bondo filler in a small plate and apply the mixture over the uneven, damaged part, then sand the area to make it smooth. Afterward, repaint the entire item for an even look. 

Fixing Watermarks

Sometimes, water spills on a wooden object or floor and forms a stain on it. The stain can make the object look unattractive and dirty. To get rid of it, simply apply food mayo or petroleum jelly on top of it and let it rest for some hours. Then, wipe the mayo or oil away, and the stain will not be visible anymore. 

Restoring Cracks and Gouges

Are the unpleasant cracks in your wooden furniture holding you back from making your home look like the paradise of your dream? Then, you need to fill those cracks to level the surface.

Wood-tone putty sticks work great in refilling the surface. If you can not find the exact color, try mixing different shades, and use your finger to even the surface while putting in putty sticks. Wait a week or two to refinish it.

Repairing Deep Holes

If you want to use an old wooden object that has deep holes in it- there are two ways to fix this, either refill the hole with wood or apply glue.

Many prefer glue to wood as it clamps the hole more firmly, but wood on the other hand can make the stain look more even and natural. Simply sharpen a skewer, a caramel apple stick, or even a toothpick and pop it in. Then, sand it to a flush finish, and you’re ready to go!

Eliminating Wax and Gum Spots

Wax and gum are normally easy to remove, but they must be done with caution to avoid ruining the finish. First, press the gum with a packet of ice wrapped in a towel to make it brittle. Let the deposit harden, then gently remove it with your thumbnail. Do not scrape it, or you’ll scratch the finish. Then buff the area with Number 0000 steel wool dampened in mineral spirits, then wax and polish the whole thing.

Removing Ink Stains

Removing Ink Stains from Wooden Furniture Surfaces

To remove ink stains from your wooden furniture, gently buff the stained portion with a cloth soaked with mineral spirits. Then, clean the wood with fresh water on a soft cloth. Dry the surface thoroughly, wax and polish it, and you’re done!

Removing Paint, Grease, Crayon, Tar and Lipstick Spots

These spots affect only the surface of the finish. To eliminate wet paint, use the suitable solvent (water for latex paint, mineral spirits for oil-based paint) on a soft cloth and lightly buff the area. Rinse, resoak, and repeat as needed.

To eliminate dry paint or other materials, cautiously lift the surface residue with the edge of a putty knife. Do not scrape off the deposit, or you will scratch the finish. Then, lightly buff the area along the wood grain with No. 0000 steel wool soaked in mineral spirits. Finish the process by waxing and polishing the entire surface.

Refinishing a Furniture Surface

Refinishing a Wooden Furniture Surface

Refinishing wood may seem easy, but it’s quite complicated. To get the best result, you need to follow a few steps before applying the stain to the wood. 

Even if you don’t see any kind of topcoat or finish, you need to sand the wood with a sander in the same direction as the wood grain. For best results, begin with a coarse grit, and finish with fine grit. Even out the surface as much as possible as a smooth surface will readily accept the stain and bring out the color. Apply the stain with a rag, and buff thoroughly for a more attractive and durable.

Final Thoughts

Wooden furniture enhances the beauty of your home. But sometimes these prized items may decay. However, you don’t need to pay a ton of money to repair and maintain their natural wooden look. Simply follow the measures discussed above, and you’ll have that furniture looking brand new in no time!

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