Does a small kitchen renovation idea make you feel claustrophobic already? Designing a small kitchen or revamping an old small kitchen might render you clueless, but we have got you covered. We have some functional small kitchen ideas that will inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen without being crammed up. We understand how small kitchens raise usual frustrations around limited space and lack of functionality while leaving no space for cooking meals, even for two. This eventually makes you hesitant to host dinner parties for friends. But here are smart ideas that will dispel these concerns and empower you to do more with less.

With our ideas, kitchen size doesn’t matter. Our designs focus more on space optimization so that you can make potential use of every nook. So, are you ready to explore these new small kitchen ideas and be spellbound by the new kitchen you are about to create?

Lets begin !

1. Utilize Every Square Inch Smartly

White Kitchen With Green Cabinets

Space constraints pose a significant challenge with small kitchens. Putting up those extra groceries and commodities feels like a daunting task, particularly with traditional bulky cabinets. However, we have a solution for it. An innovative approach is to create floating shelves that help in the systematic placement of glass jars and groceries. The open shelves are thoughtfully designed in an elongated form to provide sufficient room for accommodating kitchen essentials. The practical and stylish solution can end the perennial challenge of storage in small kitchens. 

2. Opt for Single Colors

Fully White Kitchen

The primary objective of designing a small kitchen is to streamline the kitchen to create a sense of spaciousness and flow. With this in mind, our idea emphasizes the strategic use of color. Paint it all white or in lighter shades to make the space look bigger than ever. The lighter colors reflect natural light more effectively, lending a brighter and more expansive room. You can also opt for a smooth, glossy cabinet that looks gleaming and maintains the continuity of the room. 

3. Put Enough Lights

Fully White Kitchen with Hanging Lights

Small Kitchen usually lacks light, making it feel darker and cave-like. However, the best way to brighten up the space is by putting enough lights on the kitchen and the island. Strategic placement of light fixtures throughout the kitchen can effectively counteract the lack of natural light and create a more inviting environment. In addition to the lighting placement, you can decorate the bottom of the kitchen with dark colors and the tops of the kitchen with lighter shades. A well-balanced combination of dark and lighter shades enhances the overall luminosity. 

4. Elongate the Cabinets to the Ceiling

Kitchen Cabinets Upto the Ceiling

As mentioned above in one of the pieces of advice, expanding kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling is a powerful strategy to maximize storage capacity and perception. Extending the cabinetry above the eye creates an illusion of higher ceilings and expansive rooms. The design approach serves multiple purposes: first, it maximizes storage, and second, it helps visually elongate the walls. 

5. Hide the Fridge and Oven

White Kitchen Having above Sink Lights

With the emergence of a new concept called modular kitchens, designing a small kitchen space has evolved. You can now seamlessly integrate appliances like refrigerators and ovens in the modular cabinets to create a streamlined look. You can conceal them behind the panels that match the kitchen color. This approach eliminates visual clutter while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. 

6. Create a Small Seating Area

Small Kitchen With Seating Area

The kitchen looks incomplete without aesthetically appealing seating or the use of the best kitchen stools, isn’t it? After all, what is the worth of putting all the effort into designing a smart kitchen without having a place to enjoy it? Right? Well, no matter how small the kitchen space is, curate a space for a seating of two. The planned placement of stools complements the kitchen layout. You can also consider an option for standing bar stools that provide comfortable seating for everyday use. 

7. Try a Farmhouse-style Kitchen

Farmhouse Inspired Small Kitchen

No matter how kitchen design trends evolve, the farmhouse kitchen style will always stand the test of time. Farmhouse kitchen design not only looks functional but so aesthetically pleasing that you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. The design resonates with the homeowners’ choice and designers alike. The harmonious juxtaposition of contrasting elements, such as dark-colored cabinets with white countertops, looks striking. Check out the image and see for yourself the richness and warmth of the overall design. 

8. Install Statement-making Window Treatments

White and Grey Coloured Kitchen

Are you in awe of exquisite window treatments already? Look at this beautiful kitchen picture, which is decorated with theatrical pelmet and painted trim to create an illusion of a larger space. The key strategy is the clever use of color that enhances the visual impact. The color of the kitchen is usually light, while the window treatments are done in a bit darker shade. The contrasting pattern helps to draw maximum attention, making window treatment the focal point of the kitchen. 

9. Add Shelves Above the Sink

Kitchen with Above Sink Shelves

As we have mentioned, our small kitchen design ideas focus on making the best use of every small space available in the kitchen. Another interesting way to enhance space utilization is to create open shelves above the kitchen sink. Traditionally, the area above the kitchen sink usually goes overlooked or is not utilized. The smart placement of open shelves will create a convenient space for jars and glasses, making them at arm’s reach. 

The versatile solution will bring a big transformation in the overall design of the kitchen. 

10. Incorporate a Skylight

Small Kitchen with Skylight

Small kitchens are usually void of natural sunlight. And we understand the transformative power that natural light holds in shaping the ambiance of a space. We have an exciting solution to this: Introduce a gabled skylight as shown in the picture below. What power does natural sunlight hold in transforming a space? A gabled sunray channels the sun rays into the heart of the kitchen, pouring warmth and vitality into the room. So, why not let the sunshine into the kitchen?

11. Add Storage Under the Island

Added Storage under Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is an indispensable feature, irrespective of the kitchen size. It enhances both the aesthetics and the practical aspects of the space. However, as much as you can utilize the island top, you have an equal chance to use the bottom of it. Beneath the sleek countertop, you have a wealth of storage opportunities that you can unlock. These storage options offer plenty of space to stow away extra groceries, cookware, and other utensils. 

12. Hang Items From the Ceilings

small Kitchen with Handing Items

Our main purpose while revamping or designing a small kitchen is to maximize space, without compromising on storages. In this quest to optimize the space, we have come up with an innovative idea: Hanging a fruit basket from the ceiling. By suspending fruit baskets, you can make use of the vertical space that otherwise goes unused. 

13. Design a Small Island

Fully White Kitchen having Small Wooden Table

A small kitchen often leaves you with no option but to skip having a kitchen island at home. However, in our opinion, don’t let the size of the kitchen hold you back. You can always have a small designer kitchen island design with seating for two. The luxury of having a small kitchen island serves multiple purposes. With the right design approach, you can create a subtle kitchen island that can be used as a multifunctional dining area, providing a cozy spot for casual meets. 

14. Add a Built-in Wine Rack

Small kitchen With Built in Vine Rack

When it comes to small kitchen ideas, adding more elements to the kitchen design is trending and gaining momentum. One out-of-the-box kitchen design idea involves the integration of a built-in wine rack below the island storage. The dedicated space can be used for storing and displaying the finest collection of wines. 

15. Install a Corner Sink

Small Kitchen with Intall Corner Sink

Kitchen corners are usually left unattended and underutilized while designing. But you can transform these neglected areas into functional zones by installing a corner sink adjacent to the island. The innovative design optimizes the use of extra space that otherwise would have been wasted. The corner sink offers more space for movement. You can use it to prepare meals, serve them, and enjoy relaxing in a chair. 

16. Stretch Your Backsplash Up to the Ceilings

Backsplash Tiles Installed upto Ceiling in Kitchen

In kitchen designs, the rule of going to the top of the ceiling applies here, too. A simple way to achieve this is by extending your backsplash up to the ceiling height. By taking this unconventional approach, you elevate the visual impact of the kitchen and transfer it into a stylish haven. To further enhance the luxurious touches, you can surround the kitchen island with gold accents and designer chairs.

17. Use Tiles for Making a Statement

White kitchen With Green Tiles

It is a common notion that too many elements make the space look cluttered and small, but here is an ingenious kitchen design idea that will enhance the longevity feel of the space. The installation of bold and colorful tiles behind the kitchen countertops draws maximum attention to the room. Such small details and decor change the look and feel of the space entirely. 

18. The Elegance of Glass Cabinets

Glass Cabinets Installed in Kitchen

The concept of using glass cabinets to create an elongated look might seem confusing. But, it holds immense potential in transforming the place. By strategically incorporating glass cabinets into the wall, you can enhance the visual perception of length. Also, the transparency amplified the brightness of the room, making it look bigger than usual. 

19. Removal of Upper Cabinets

Kitchen With Open Shelves and Blue Cabinets

A little bit different from the conventional kitchen design trends is to design a kitchen with no upper cabinets. Sounds awkward, doesn’t it? However, the removal of upper cabinets creates a sense of openness, allowing the natural light to pass through. Without the obstruction of the cabinet, the eye is free to roam and explore the grandeur of the kitchen. But what about storage, you might wonder? You can create open shelves to make space for jars and species while also providing easy access to them. However, it is important to maintain the balance between openness and organization & to not make it a mess. 

20. Mix Patterns

White and Green Themed Kitchen

To add a little bit of playfulness to the kitchen, try decorating it with colorful patterned tiles and geometric designs. The eye-catching elements add creativity to the space, transforming it into an inviting environment. Also, the patterned tiles and geometric patterns adapt to multiple design schemes of the kitchen. the space. Similarly, you can use single-tone colors, or experiment with contrasting colors whichever goes with your interiors, to create a cohesive interior. One of the key benefits of mixing patterns is that it breaks the flow of design and adds depth & dimension, giving a kitchen the timeless look it deserves.

20. Turn Your Entryway Into Walk-in Pantry

Small Kitchen With Walk in Pantry

If your entry to the kitchen occupies the majority of the available kitchen space, you have a unique opportunity to transform this into a functional and stylish feature. You can use the entry pathway to create a walk-in pantry. The first step to create this is by covering the entry way with glass cabinets. The glass cabinets look sleek and modern, adding up to the aesthetics of the kitchen. Utilize the glass cabinet space to put in extra groceries, cooking essentials and other pantry staples. 

Key Points to Remember

After with the designs, here are a few free pieces of advice that will redefine your perception of kitchen ideas for small kitchens.

Always extend your cabinets to the ceiling no matter the size of your kitchen,” advises Lauren Buxbaum Gordon, a partner at Nate Berkus Associates.

“Invest in details that will add up visually and feel impactful. Whether beveling or adding a brass band to the face of the countertop or bringing in vintage hardware, use these little details to make your personal imprint.”

“No matter how small your kitchen is, there is always a way to utilize the benefits of a purpose-built pantry — you simply need to think vertically,” says Al”

Please share your feedback with us when you try any of these small kitchen decor ideas! Thanks!

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