Interior designers predict that living room trends 2024 will see a rise in popularity for a mix of cozy textures, welcoming colors, and a diverse blend of furniture styles.

Put your hands up if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a passing trend. Even in the world of design, watching trends come and go can be a bit dizzying if not approached with caution. So, let’s chat before we jump into today’s topic, okay?

Here’s our simple rule: treat trends like tools, not laws. Ultimately, what matters most is your personal taste and what you naturally gravitate towards. Our main aim must be to craft a space that mirrors your style and that you’ll adore for years to come, using trends to enhance it.

So, if you ever find yourself torn between a sleek modern lounger or a “retro chic” armchair, take a breath, follow your instincts (and your loves!), and let trends add to your narrative — not dictate it. Because here’s the truth: living room trends 2024 are here to stay, and as your go-to design pals, we’ll always give you a sneak peek of what’s on the horizon while ensuring your space feels uniquely you.

Designers break down the main living room trends 2024 we’ll be spotting this year.

1. Wallpapered Ceilings

Wallpapered Ceilings living room

One common misconception when furnishing a living room is that the television, large couch, or fireplace are the primary focal points. However, wallpapered ceilings are becoming a bold substitute for plain white paint, so the newest show-stopper may be just above you. 

If you want to add a touch of maximalist style to your living room without completely remodeling it, just add wallpaper to the ceiling, says San Franciscan Jay Jeffers.

Use patterned wallpaper to make a statement and then incorporate the same colors throughout the rest of the space. Feel free to combine various patterns within the same color family; doing so will give a space more depth and character.

2. Entertainment Layouts

Entertainment Layouts living room

Living room layouts that exude an air of pure enjoyment are becoming more popular. Following the epidemic, a lot of people are looking for living rooms that are more suited to entertaining and socializing. The need for multipurpose living quarters is high.

When designing a home theater, it’s important to think flexibility, like installing a projection screen in the living room, a top-notch sound system, and a custom-built bar. 

As the day progresses, the bar comes alive, becoming the perfect place for parties, small get-togethers, or peaceful contemplation as you listen to music or watch the sun go down.

3. Neutrals Plus Jewel Tones

Neutrals Plus Jewel Tones living room

The living room design trends often draws influence from precious stones, whether it’s in the form of a geometric sectional sofa or a gradient sheer curtain. Because of this enchantment, modern jewel tones are perfect for the living room. Using these colors on neutral backdrops is all the rage right now for living room paint, and it adds an air of refined elegance. 

One Chicago interior designer, Lydia Toppston of Wendy Labrum Interiors, shares this sentiment: “Sometimes, people may feel a bit unsure about using colors, but when you find the right mix, jewel tones and richer colors can still give off a vibe of elegance and refinement.” 

Always maintain a balance between warm and cold tones while experimenting with vibrant colors. Harmonize the space by using natural textures and hues. Choose colors that make you happy and that complement one another.

4. Flexible Seating

Flexible Seating living room

Forget about rigid floor plans and instead experiment with multipurpose seats when you have the room. Modern sofa designs have made it possible to include many sitting possibilities into a single piece of furniture; examples include modular and multi-directional couches. 

From hosting big parties to hosting intimate family gatherings, rooms should be flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of group sizes. No matter the size of the space, multi-directional furniture allows for a cozy atmosphere, perfect for smaller gatherings or solitary activities like reading or cuddling by the fireplace.

5. Mirrors

Mirrors in living room

As the saying goes, “the past is prologue,” and the mirror fad of the 1980s is having a spectacular resurgence in the 2024 living room trend. 

Personally, I think mirrors will never go out of style. They provide a hint of sophistication, modernity, simplicity, and elegance when used properly. Their ability to optically enlarge a room makes them ideal for usage in living rooms.

Not only are these modern surfaces great for walls and cabinets, but they also make great accents. Pick things with reflective surfaces to increase the visual appeal and surprise the viewer.

6. Over-Sized Furniture

Over Sized Furniture in living room

“Go for larger furniture, even in smaller living rooms,” advises Albion Nord’s creative director Camilla Clarke. A huge couch, spacious sectional, or potted plant may transform a spare sitting area into a warm and inviting retreat. It looks and feels much better right away.

Thus, if you are thinking, it is best to consider strategically at this moment. Making a bold statement is the goal, whether that’s via the use of enormous silhouettes or massive sculptural shapes.

7. Blue Marble Furniture

Blue Marble Furniture in living room

Marble has been a traditional material for a long time, but more and more people are choosing marble in nontraditional ways. 

Marble is often associated with understated or Scandi-style interior design, although maximalist spaces benefit from colorful variants paired with metallic finishes.

8. Cork Strip Flooring

Cork Strip Flooring in living room

We shifted gears from the cork flooring that was popular in the 1970s. Thanks to its resurgence in popularity, cork flooring is once again a great option for modern houses, satisfying the aesthetic and environmental needs of conscientious shoppers.

We collect this material by carefully removing the bark of cork oak trees, which helps the trees survive and doesn’t impair biodiversity. This way, we can maintain natural resources without sacrificing quality. 

A variety of finishes, achieved by most suppliers using oils derived from plants, give cork strip flooring an elegant appearance.

9. Brightly Painted Woodwork

Brightly Painted Woodwork in living room

Use an accent color that complements the room’s design to draw attention to the woodwork. The walls and ceiling should be one color, the major pieces of furniture (such as a couch) should be another, and the details should be an accent color; this is the three-color scheme that our professional designers recommend.

This living room trends ideas is in line with the 60-30-10 guideline, which has recently been trendy in interior design.

If you want to draw attention to the intricate features in your skirting, architraves, and window frames, paint them a brighter, more intense shade and use softer tones on the walls and ceiling

Another great approach to incorporate this style into a neutral living room is to paint the door a bright color and add an even brighter accent to the side.

10. Bespoke Decorative TV Cabinets

Bespoke Decorative TV Cabinets in living room

Designers are becoming inventive in providing both pleasing and functional alternatives to the traditional methods of hiding a television in the living room. As more and more people see each area as having several purposes, interior designers are reporting an uptick in demand for TV cabinets.

11. Curtained Storage

Curtained Storage living room

While the days of working from home are coming to an end, the desire for that kind of environment will remain.

Living room storage has grown in importance as we interact with more technology and strive for a smooth transition between our homes and offices. Curtained storage is an ingenious substitute for huge storage facilities in cramped quarters.

A small shelf for easy access to items not only meets a utilitarian necessity but also adds a touch of softness to the space. 

12. Organic Color Schemes

Organic Color Schemes living room

Having somewhere to retreat to in 2024 is still something a lot of people want, in my opinion. In spite of the current interior design trend toward maximalist styles, I think people will always want houses that are peaceful, quiet, and uncluttered, as they promote physical, mental, and spiritual health. People are yearning for tranquility within the present circumstances.

We may find the comfort, tactility, and peace that are the core of the new organic contemporary design by adopting neutral living room color trends and employing natural materials like hessian and wood.

Make sure the colors you pick to decorate over the couch go well with the rest of the room’s decor.

13. Open Storage Dividers

Open Storage Dividers living room

With more and more time spent working from home, more of us are making utilitarian home improvements a top priority. Without obstructing light or creating a sense of confinement, open storage room dividers are a great choice for dividing the living area.

This setup has plenty of area for supplementary electronics and comes with plant-holding fittings, so you can bring some nature within and give the room a breath of fresh air. Featuring a range of daring color options, it’s the perfect combination of functionality and style.

14. Polished Metals

Polished Metals living room

Designers are rediscovering shiny metals and putting them to new applications in the living space. The glitz and sophistication that metals like aluminum and steel had in the 1950s are making a comeback in today’s interior design.

Feel free to experiment with a variety of metals and finishes when working with these materials in your house; doing so will provide dimension and visual appeal.

15. Limewash Paint

Limewash Paint living room

Limewash is a popular option for historic and period buildings all around the globe since it is non-toxic, breathable, and made entirely of natural materials. Over the years, its velvety texture has become a design staple, especially in transitional-style living rooms.

With a pre-made format for easy application, this classic look is now much more accessible than ever. It has never been easier to incorporate this finish into a contemporary design, thanks to the variety of tints available.

16. Calming Color Palettes

Calming Color Palettes living room

Some of the most prominent features of contemporary living rooms are the serene decor and the use of soothing color schemes. As a result of the epidemic, there has been a surge in the popularity of calming color schemes as individuals seek refuge in their homes.

In the last year, there has been a noticeable movement away from colder tones and towards warmer, softer tints, which has been great for making our homes seem more inviting. Bedrooms and living rooms, where we seek solace and comfort, are perfect areas to design soothing and relaxing schemes with neutrals and warm tones. 

These shades give every room a more contemporary vibe. These have been trending heavily in the last year due to our penchant for natural textures and neutral tones, and they easily go from one season to the next.

According to top living room trends for 2024, including textured components in a room’s design can help unify and update the concept regardless of the wall colors used. To bring the space together and breathe new life into it, try including some wool, linens, and wooden finishes. 

She says that a thick pile of rugs, cushions, and furnishings that give off a laid-back attitude are the keys to a peaceful and cozy living room. Other pieces she recommends include a boucle couch, sofa or chair selection with texture.

17. Rustic Wall Paneling

Rustic Wall Paneling living room

This design tip works wonders. Though not a novel idea, wall paneling is seeing a renaissance in the design world as homeowners look for methods to liven up their living spaces without resorting to paint or wallpaper. But updating wall paneling with modern accents is the secret to this living room theme!

Wall panels satisfy our need for the natural materials and tactile experience that contemporary living often lacks while adding subtle textures and continuing to fulfill its initial function of preserving warmth. Many individuals are giving wall paneling its own spin, which is making it a more accessible design trend today despite the idea that it is a conventional house application.

Take conventional wall paneling as an example. By painting it in a modern shade, it takes on a bright and airy appearance. If the prospect of doing this project on your own is too daunting, a smart design strategy is to use wallpaper to mimic the appearance of wall paneling. It’s a low-maintenance option for living room wallpaper that looks great.

18. Very Dark Walls

Very Dark Walls living room

Dark tones make a space inviting, whether you’re there for the day or diving into a late-night read. A velvety Down Pipe tone makes a living room/office seem bright and professional during work hours. However, it exudes an air of sophistication that is perfect for quiet evenings or for unwinding after a long day. 

Dark walls provide the cozy embrace we all want, as we’ve come to notice. If you want to avoid looking too goth, try accessorizing with brighter colors. You may turn heads with a vibrant hot pink cushion.

19. Sustainable Interiors

Sustainable Interiors living room

The focus on sustainability is growing year by year. This is seen in the 2024 living room design ideas. It is becoming more important to create eco-conscious living environments by using recycled materials, reused furniture, and eco-friendly design. 

A plethora of eco-friendly, fashionable, and multipurpose components made from cutting-edge materials are on the horizon.

20. Fusion of Different Styles

Fusion of Different Styles living room

Combining modern and classic styles is becoming more popular as a means to express individuality. In 2024, eclecticism will reach new heights in living room design, as many people like a mix of styles and periods. While keeping the overall style consistent, you can expect a flood of new creative expression.

21. Tech-Integrated Smart Spaces

Tech Integrated Smart Spaces living room

The idea of a “smart home” has recently become ubiquitous in contemporary lifestyles. How we interact with and appreciate our homes is evolving as a result of technological advancements. 

The introduction of fully automated furnishings and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Modern smart home systems and devices are very much in line with the 2024 living room design trends.

22. Warm and Rich Color Combinations

Warm and Rich Color Combinations living room

Rooms painted a single color seem to be going out of style. It’s launching a new and exciting age in interior design and sparking a bustling revival. In 2024, warm, comforting compositions with vibrant colors will be all the rage in living room design. 

The allure of rich, expressive color palettes expands the range of options available for living room design. They evoke strong feelings in addition to being aesthetically beautiful.

23. Ethereal Futurism

Ethereal Futurism living room

The year 2024 will see a rise in the popularity of fanciful, futuristic design concepts for home furnishings. Shiny silver tones, curvy curves, and brilliant textures are the hallmarks of this style. 

The current fashion for highly polished metallic finishes is a perfect fit for this style. Giving a glimpse into a future where design reflects an amalgam of modernity and refinement.

24. Creative Room Dividers

Creative Room Dividers living room

Open floor plans are still popular in 2024, despite the trend toward more private, purpose-built spaces in interior design. A big remodel isn’t always necessary to adapt. Sometimes, clever room separators are all it takes to meet the new challenge. 

You can put room screens anywhere you need, creating useful but attractive focal points. Alternately, you may accentuate a room’s decor and create visual separation with gracefully draped drapes.

25. Oversized and Sculptural Lighting

Oversized and Sculptural Lighting living room

In 2024, light fixtures are an essential part of living room design. Artistic and utilitarian, the lighting will range from massive chandeliers to sculptural floor lights. 

You can also use antique table lights, which are in vogue again. Make dramatic statements and create focus spots with these eye-catching patterns.

26. Artistic Wall Treatments

Artistic Wall Treatments living room

By the year 2024, walls will have transformed into blank slates for artists. The use of artistic wall treatments such as textured wallpapers, vibrant murals, stylish paneling, and imaginative painting methods may completely revamp living spaces. 

This style gives homeowners more freedom to be themselves. Escape the shackles that have long held neutral, basic design in place.

27. Cool Accent Chairs and Ottomans

Cool Accent Chairs and Ottomans living room

More and more interesting seating arrangements have emerged in recent years. In particular, striking statement couches have made an indelible mark. The addition of vibrant accent chairs was the next logical step. 

At the same time, modern living room design ideas provide fascinating options with chairs influenced by old styles. Perfect for those who love unique and thrift store treasures.

28. Furniture with Soft Edges

Furniture with Soft Edges living room

Soft, rounded pieces will remain popular in living room decor, and it’s easy to see why. In a living room, these curves create discussion places that are warm and inviting while yet looking quite classy. 

Comfort and style are yours to enjoy because of the velvety upholstery and soft curves. It gives off an organic, welcoming vibe.

The last twelve months have seen a dramatic shift in color scheme for a few of these living room designs. Warmer, cozier colors are now all the rage, replacing the earlier trend of light and airy interiors. Therefore, warm colors such as browns, ochres, creams, terracotta, and beiges are taking center stage, replacing the austere white walls and gray sofas of last year.

More vibrant hues are now in vogue as well. Maximalism, in its more nuanced and subtle forms, is making a comeback. Right now, it’s all about experimenting with different colors and patterns. Interior design is starting to use more muted tones of primary hues. The warmth that red brings has made it a popular option for living rooms despite the color’s negative connotations in the past.

In 2024, brown, yellow, black, and green will be the most popular color schemes for living rooms.

Which Pieces of Living Room Furniture Are Now Trendy?

My love for furniture from the mid-century modern era is undeniably strong. A lot of people are still very into the minimalist style for their living spaces. Comfortable and curving furniture, in contrast to the rigid lines of Mid-century modern, is on the increase, nevertheless.

Upholstery with a tactile surface is also becoming popular. Fabrics that are pleasant to the touch, such as velvet, bouclé, or suede, are popular choices for living room furniture.

Symmetrical living rooms and organized furniture arrangements are also making a return, which is worth noting.


What are the 2024 home decor trends?

Peach and apricot take center stage in the color forecasts for home trends in 2024. Pantone has crowned Peach Fuzz as its color of the year. 

What is the interior design concept for 2024?

In 2024, the interior design concept leans towards maximalism, a departure from the minimalist trend of recent years. Homeowners are encouraged to embrace vibrant and flamboyant decor, incorporating a diverse range of rich colors, textures, and intricate patterns. Interior spaces transform into personalized canvases for self-expression.

What is the color of the couch in 2024?

Gray is set to be the most popular couch color in 2024. Overtaking the neutral shades of beige and brown that have dominated the market in recent years. This shift is influenced by current color and design trends, as well as psychological factors impacting decor preferences.


In 2024, the emphasis is on color, attention to detail, and creating defined spaces in high-traffic areas. We’ve compiled the top living room trends 2024 that are sure to be widespread for every style. Take a moment to relax, take notes, and get inspired by the exciting home decor ideas coming your way.

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