Can you spot peeling paint, leakages, mold, or outdated faucets and fixtures in your bathroom? It’s time to go for a remodel. In order to begin with the remodeling, it’s vital to understand the breakup of bathroom remodel cost.

Bathrooms are the ultimate private spaces in a house that always promises to keep you fresh. And to assist in exuding refreshing vibes, design has a significant role to play. As bathrooms are one of the most frequently used spaces, they are often prone to deterioration owing to their wet areas. Let’s explore several factors that impact bathroom remodel costs to get going within the budget.

Type of Bathroom Remodel – Primary Factor

The critical factor determining bathroom remodel cost is its size and type. Are you planning to remodel a small bathroom, or is your master bathroom demanding a revamp? Let’s go through a quick analysis of types of bathroom remodels.

Powder Room/Half Bath Remodel

When it comes to powder room remodeling, the scope of work includes:

  • Upgrading the flooring and lighting.
  • Introducing trendy vanity, faucets, or toilets.
  • Painting the walls with a fresh coat.

The average cost to remodel a bathroom ranges between $5000 to $10000.

Guest Bathroom Remodel

Don’t we all want our guests to have an extremely comfortable stay? To ensure that, the bathroom needs to be extremely clean, hygienic, and visually appealing. The bathroom remodeling scope of a guest bathroom includes:

  • Installation of a new vanity model.
  • Painting the walls or adding wallpaper.
  • Updating the shower or bathtub.
  • Enhancing flooring, faucets, and lighting.
  • Installing new tiles.

On average, the bathroom remodel cost for a guest bathroom ranges between $14000 to $20000. 

Master Bath Remodel

The master bathroom is a retreat with its aesthetics and enhanced functionality. The scope of work for this bathroom remodel includes:

  • Replacing faucets.
  • Installing soaking tub, glass shower enclosure, new mirror, etc.
  • Adding new cabinets or vanity.
  • Upgrading the flooring or wall tiles.
  • Introducing trendy fixtures and lighting. 

Its average remodeling cost starts from $30,000. 

Factors Deriving Bathroom Remodel Cost

Bathroom remodeling involves transforming every nook from floor to ceiling. And each feature has its contribution to the overall bathroom remodel cost. Let’s understand all the factors involved in bathroom remodeling and their individual pricing. 

Bathroom Size and Type

The size of the bathroom helps determine the remodeling cost through the square footage. It specifies the labor cost, fixtures, flooring, and other elements.

Type of BathroomApproximate AreaPrice Range
Powder Room or Half Bathroom20 sq. ft$12,000-$16,000
Three-quarter Bath35 sq. ft$21,000-$28,000
Full Bathroom50 sq. ft$30,000-$40,000
Primary Bathroom100 sq. ft$60,000-$80,000


bathroom Countertops

Bathroom countertops play a significant role in shaping the look of the space. Along with serving as functional elements, these help in enhancing the aesthetics. When it comes to installing new countertops, make sure to pick waterproof materials to retain the fresh look.

Here are a few of the popular countertop materials and their average cost.

Material Average Cost
Marble $30-$200
Granite $20-$140
Ceramic $2-$20
Corian $20-$70
Porcelain $4-$30
Laminate $9-$30
Quartz $50-$175
Concrete $60-$140
Soapstone $55-$150

Doors and Windows

bathroom Doors and Windows

As you go for a modern makeover, make sure not to miss out on the doors and windows. Upgrade these features to complement the overall design language. Some popular picks for bathroom doors are pocket doors, barn-style, or French doors. The average cost for replacement of bathroom doors ranges from $300 to $1,400.

Windows are vital elements in bathroom design to ensure proper air circulation. You can opt for awning or casement windows for smaller bathrooms or a classic double-hung window for aesthetic appeal. Replacing the window costs an average of $300 to $700. 


bathroom Flooring

Bathroom flooring can effortlessly make a design statement. While picking the flooring material, be thoughtful about choosing an anti-slip material to ensure safety. Here are the popular flooring materials and their average cost.

Flooring MaterialAverage Cost per Sq. ft
Limestone Tile$3–$10
Granite $5–$15
Marble $10–$25
Slate $6-$18
Ceramic Tile$1-$12
Porcelain Wood Tile $3-$16
Travertine $4-$30
Vinyl $2-$17
Laminate $1-$12
Polished Concrete$3-$8
Hardwood $6-$25
Bamboo $3-$11
Radiant Flooring$12-$65

Lighting and Ventilation

Lighting and Ventilation bathroom

You can set the ambiance by adopting an apt lighting scheme. As you opt for remodeling, you can save the bathroom remodel cost by using the same wiring layout and replacing the light fixtures. Consider the idea of adding brass or industrial-style lighting for a trendy look. A new light fixture cost ranges between $200-$1000.

As you cater to the lighting and other aesthetic aspects, maintain proper ventilation. It will help cut down the moisture level and protect the bathroom from mildew and mold. Replacement of an exhaust fan costs about $180-$600, based on the model you pick. 

New Cabinetry

bathroom Cabinetry

You can enhance the functionality of your bathroom by adding more storage. Cabinets are an innovative space-saver storage solution for small bathrooms. The cost of cabinetry depends upon the chosen material and size. The overall cost ranges between $400 to $4,000.

Plumbing Fixtures

bathroom Plumbing

From toilet seats to faucets, plumbing hardware can prove to be the ultimate stylish feature of your bathroom design. Here are the common faucet styles and their average cost to determine the bathroom remodel cost.

Type of FaucetCost with Installation 
Center Set$275–$700
Single Hole$250–$900
Vessel Filler$300–$900

Apart from upgrading the bathroom design with new fixtures, it might also demand a few plumbing repairs. Here are the standard adjustments and repairs, along with their pricing:

  • Moving fixtures: $450-$6,500
  • Plumbing repair: $150-$3,500
  • Moving plumbing: $1,000-$5,000
  • Installation of new pipes: $325-$4,000

Wet Area

Remodeling a water area can be expensive as it involves altering the shower, tub, or surrounding areas that demand waterproofing. For remodeling wet areas, you need to hire a professional plumber to ensure no leakage or technical issues in the long run.

Typically, remodeling of wet areas costs $2,000-$5,000. The range of remodeling depends upon the type of installations, fixtures, and customizations. 


bathroom Sinks

As you step into a bathroom, a sink is one of the first noticeable features. From traditional to modern designs, there are a plethora of bathroom sink designs that can grab attention. For a standard bathroom, installing an average sink costs about $300 to $4,000. 

The cost of installation and sink depends upon the type of sink opted for. Here are the popular types with their average cost:

Type of SinkCost with Installation


bathroom Toilets

Did you know that toilets have become a modern luxury element in the house? Apart from serving their purpose, intelligent features like seat warming help add to the comfort and enhance its efficiency.

Installation of a new seat costs an average of $375 to $500, depending on the type and model of the toilet.

Type of ToiletAverage Cost
Smart Toilets$1,000–$2,000
Low-Flow Toilets$125–$640
One-Piece Toilets$300–$600
Two-Piece Toilets$165–$425
Wall-Hung Toilets$350–$600
Double-Cyclone Flush Toilets$400–$600

Tubs and Showers

bathroom Tubs and Showers

Tubs and showers are the heart of a bathroom that determine the overall visual appeal and essence. Whether you opt for a rainfall shower or a simple bathtub, these upgrades can improve the overall feel.

The bathroom remodel cost, in this case, depends upon the scale of fixtures and tubs. Here’s an estimated cost breakdown of the tub, shower style, and installation cost.

Shower and Tub StyleCost with Labor and Material
Hot Tub$1,300-$14,000
Premade Shower Kit$500-$1,500
Tub-to-Shower Conversion$1,100 – $7,000
Tub-and-Shower Combo$700 – $8,000
Walk-In Shower$8,500 – $20,000
All-purpose Tub$300–$1,200
Wet Room Conversion$10,000 to $20,000
Soaking Tub$800-$11,000
Walk-in Tub$1,800-$12,000
Japanese-style Tub$2,500-$15,000
Whirlpool Tub$1,600-$16,000
Clawfoot/Freestanding Tub$700-$11,000

Wallpaper and Paint

bathroom Wallpaper and Paint

Splash new tones on the walls for a refreshed look. Opt for decorative wallpapers or bright wall paints to give your bathroom an aesthetic makeover. While lighter tones help make the bathroom look spacious, bolder tones bring vibrancy.

The average painting cost for a bathroom ranges between $375 to $800. Another alternative to add tones and patterns to the bathroom is wallpaper.

You can opt for vinyl or paper wallpaper for durability. Pick a pattern that aligns with your design taste and complements the rest of the decor.

Bathroom Remodel Vs Renovation

Bathroom Remodel Vs Renovation

Are you confused between bathroom remodeling and renovation? Don’t worry! We have an answer to each of your doubts.

While remodeling and renovation are often used interchangeably, renovation means the upgradation of an existing bathroom, whereas remodeling refers to curating a new bathroom.

Bathroom renovation costs are less than remodeling as the latter also involves the addition of plumbing lines, electrical wires, and other fixtures.

Additional Factors that Determine Bathroom Remodel Cost

Additional Factors that Determine Bathroom Remodel Cost

Apart from the essential elements like fixtures, lighting, and flooring, additional factors help determine the bathroom remodel cost.

ADA-Compliant Additions

Do you need a specially designed bathroom with wheelchair access? Or does it need a safe design for people with limited mobility? These factors can further influence the overall bathroom remodel cost as it demands wider doors, a wall-mounted sink and toilet, the addition of grab bars, and a roll-in shower. The remodeling cost ranges between $100 to $18,000 based on the extent of features. 


We all have unique preferences when it comes to designing. You can customize the bathroom design, making it more luxurious and appealing. Whether you opt for radiant heated flooring for winter comfort or incorporate a music system, there’s no limit to the customization possibilities.

The cost of remodeling, in this case, depends upon the extent of features you opt for.

Electrical Work

For any upgrades or changes in electrical work, always hire a professional. They charge about $40 to $120 per hour based on their work and experience. Here’s the average breakup of electrical costs:

  • Bathroom rewiring: $500 to $2,000
  • New outlets: $100 to $300
  • Light fixtures: $200 to $1,000
  • Exhaust fan: $180 to $600

Floor Plan Updates and Demolitions

One of the most expensive aspects of bathroom remodeling is updates in its floor plan. Does your new plan demand the demolition of a wall or the construction of an additional wall? Based on the scope of additions or demolitions, the overall bathroom remodel cost is affected.

Installation and Labor

Remodeling or renovation involves a broad scope of work skilled labor performs. The average labor cost to remodel a bathroom helps determine the overall budget.


The price of any home improvement depends on the site’s locality. The bathroom remodel cost is higher for areas with a higher cost of living. 

Plumbing Repairs and Upgrades

A plumber typically charges between $50 to $150 per hour based on the extent of work. 


Whether a minor upgrade or a major remodeling project, you must check with the local government for permits. A permit costs $100 for a minor update and can range up to $1,000 for a complete remodeling. 

Professional vs. DIY Remodeling

Professional vs. DIY  Bathroom Remodeling

Not sure whether to go for a DIY remodeling project or hire a professional? Here’s what to expect in both scenarios. 

Professional Bathroom Remodel

As a professional with knowledge of plumbing lines and a deep understanding of every aspect of remodeling, they can get the job done quickly and efficiently. You can hire a professional contractor to remodel the bathroom within a set timeline and budget. 

DIY Bathroom Remodel

The perks of remodeling a bathroom as a DIY project give you the liberty of integrating your creative ideas. From materials to fixtures, you’re solely responsible for every aspect of bathroom design. However, you need to be well-versed with the building codes to retain the resale value of your home. Make sure to hire a licensed electrician and plumber for electrical and plumbing work to avoid clashes. 

Do I Need a Bathroom Remodel? 7 Signs for a Yes!

  1. Your family and demands have grown.
  2. You can easily spot mold or water damage on the walls or floor.
  3. The fixtures like a toilet seat, tub, or shower are broken.
  4. Overall, the design and color scheme look outdated.
  5. You’re planning to adopt energy and water-efficient fixtures.
  6. You’re running low on the counter or storage space.
  7. There’s a particular accessibility need. 

A Clear Path to Save Bathroom Remodel Cost

You can control the overall cost to renovate a bathroom by strategic planning. Make sure to start with a clear plan of action as you consider remodeling the space. Try sticking to the existing plumbing and electrical layouts to avoid changing the wiring and pipe system.

To upgrade an outdated design, consider going for minute cosmetic changes like fresh paint, new hardware, or the addition of accent pieces. Refine the existing models as much as possible to save the cost of buying and installing a new one. 

Getting into the Action!

A Clear Path to Save Bathroom Remodel Cost

Before beginning the task, plan a budget and the most suitable timeline for the bathroom remodeling task. Assess your demands, style preferences, and additions to conclude the bathroom remodel cost and determine whether you wish to make it a DIY project or hand it over to a contractor. 


How much does a bathroom remodel cost?

The average bathroom remodel cost ranges between $70 to $250 per square foot. 

What is the duration of bathroom remodeling?

The timeline of bathroom remodeling depends upon the scale of work.

Which is the most expensive part of bathroom remodeling?

Typically, the bathroom remodel cost is highly influenced by the labor charges. 

How can I plan a unique bathroom layout?

Begin by listing your requirements, picking a design language, and sticking to a functional and aesthetic theme.

Which factors impact the budget for bathroom remodeling?

The bathroom remodeling budget depends upon the area of the bathroom, the extent of work involved, and the materials you opt for.

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