Are you ready to give your home the dream look that you have planned? In this case, exterior color combinations play a vital role in painting the exact picture.

As we all prefer home exterior color combinations over a single tone, finding the perfect pair is a challenge. While the neutrals exude sophistication through their subtle look, darker hues make the design edgy. From a vast range of colors, how to find the best match? Keep reading for pro tips and exterior color combinations that are sure to make the heads turn for your house.

26 Exterior Color Combinations Ideas for Home

1. Pretty Pastels– Soft Lime with Powder Blue

Pretty Pastels Soft Lime with Powder Blue

Want your house to stand out from the rest? Choose unique exterior color combinations for your home comprising pastel tones. Paint the design elements with white while using muted lime-green for the facade. The design blends well with the landscaped surroundings, making your home a part of nature.

2. Red with Black Exterior Color Combinations

Red with Black Exterior Color

Aren’t we all fascinated by the red houses? Being a classic color choice for home exteriors, it works with any architectural style. You can set apart the look of your home by adding black to the color palette. As the trims stay white, paint the front door and shutters black for an extremely inviting home.

3. The Simplicity of Grey, Red, and Black

Grey, Red, and Black exterior color

Nothing matches the beauty of simplicity. The best choice for smaller homes, opt for neutral gray that paints the majority of elevation. Introduce splashes of bold tones like red and black through doors and shutters to catch attention and keep it modern.

4. Refreshing Exterior Color Combinations

apricot and white color exterior

Let your farmhouse style home take a contemporary twist with a refreshing palette comprising apricot and white color. The soft apricot shade sets the tone for a cheerful design while glossy white highlights the fine details.

5. Perfectly Balancing Black and White

Black and White exterior color

White is known to act as a highlighter or architectural feature while black adds depth. Opt for this contrasting home exterior color combination where black brings drama and white balances it. To jazz up the curb appeal, add an aqua-toned front door which enhances the brightness of the facade.

6. Gray, Blue, and White

Gray Blue and White exterior color

Exterior color combinations Asian paints pick inspiration from the neighborhood to make the design a part of it. Picking hints from the hardscape is a color combination consisting of a pearl gray palette which is highlighted with white and slate blue. The blue tone sits in the middle of its front door, while the extensive use of white establishes symmetry and balance in the design.

7. Blue and Yellow Exterior Color Combinations

Blue and Yellow Exterior color home

Paint of bold picture on your home with a combination of blue and yellow. Add mellow yellow to the walls and let aqua blue bring a dose of vibrancy to the design. The primary tones with fine craftsmanship can be the real charmer in the entire neighborhood.

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8. Double Doze of Olive

olive green exterior color

How about the idea of dual tones of olive green as exterior color combinations? Green, being a trendy tone, subtly draws all the eyes toward itself. Overall, the combination of light and dark green makes the home sit well in its natural surroundings.

9. Pop of Tone with Lime and Charcoal

neutral charcoal lime exterior color

Do you want your home to be as bold as you are? Go for one-of-its-kind exterior color combinations that make a statement. Lay a firm foundation with neutral charcoal contrasted with a lime front door. Feature the trims and opening frames in white to keep the look well-balanced.

10. Gingerbread Orange with Brick Red

Gingerbread Orange with Brick Red exterior

Blend the brightness of gingerbread orange with the depth of brick red. The exterior color combinations work well owing to their brown undertones that make the design look cohesive. Enhance the look by painting the shingles and trims brown.

11. Exterior Color Combinations for Home with Green and White

Green and White exterior color

Green is an inviting tone that paints a soothing picture of a home. Paint your facade in pistachio green and add hints of brightness by adding white to the palette. This wash of color makes the design blend with its site context comprising a natural landscape.

12. A Lavender Surprise

lavender exterior color home

Never heard of lavender as an exterior paint color? Well, don’t shy away from taking the unconventional route. Pairing up a lavender home with gray undertones and a purple front door will impart a modern flair to the design.

13. Playful with White and Turquoise

White and Turquoise exterior home

While white is a classic choice for home exteriors, why not add a fun element with a vibrant tone? For the ones residing in warm climates, go for turquoise exterior color combinations. Balance the funky choice of tone with white and compliments the sunny setting.

14. Sage Green and Cream

Sage Green and Cream exterior

Want to keep the exterior color combinations muted? Add sage green to the palette with a twist. Rather than painting the walls green, keep them muted with cream and let green roofing make a style statement. An addition of a yellow front door can help knit the entire design together.

15. Lake Blue with White

Lake Blue with White exterior color

Do you live by the lake? Why not paint the home in deep blue inspired by the water body? Go for exterior color combinations with white and blue that resonate with the surroundings and compose an interesting design. It’s the best color combinations for home exterior.

16. Greige and Teal Home Exterior Color Combinations

Greige and Teal Home Exterior Color

Are you planning to paint your home with a modern look? Not convinced by the vibrant color palette? Don’t worry! Your home can still look modern without adding shocking splashes to the facade. Go for a mix of beige and gray with natural stone and wooden accents on the elevation. The combination is warm, welcoming, and pleasing to the eyes.

17. Chocolate and Sand Combination

Chocolate and Sand exterior color

Make your house stand out with an energetic look injected with chocolate brown and sandy shade of stone. The stone walls reflect rustic design and chocolate paint makes the overall design pleasantly surprising.

18. Grey with Mustard Yellow

Grey with Mustard Yellow exterior

Go with the idea of painting your home exteriors in grey and mustard yellow. The color palette is classic and timeless, with both shades balancing out each other. Jazz up the visual appeal by introducing white to the architectural details.

19. The Old-World Look

europe inspired stucco exterior

Are you a fan of old-world architecture? Curate the look easily with salmon paint in combination with jade green shutters. The tones add richness to the design while offering unparalleled elegance to the house.

20. Golden Brown with Grey

Golden Brown with Grey exterior

Rather than keeping your home exteriors in a single shade, add neutral colors that impart a welcoming look. Go for a medley of grey, golden brown, and white to complement the look.

21. Chocolate Shade with Ash

chocolate and ash exterior color

Wish to paint your house in calming tones? Go for the chocolate and ash tones that complement each other while offering a soothing home exterior.

22. The Three Greens

green victorian red accent exterior

Paint the distinct features in unique shades of green. With the main siding in olive green, the upper level in celery, and ivy tint painting the trim and windows, the overall composition is monochromatic yet different. Enhance the look by bringing terracotta accents along with cream shade highlighting the architectural details.

23. Hues of White

white house exterior color

White is a popular choice for home exteriors. How about painting the home in different shades of white to break the monotony? From bright white to off-white, blend the tones well for a sophisticated home exterior.

24. Mellow it Down with Cream and Yellow

Cream and Yellow exterior color

Want a simple yet attractive design? Go with the combination of cream and yellow for a sublime look. The pair will make the house stand out in the entire neighborhood owing to its elegant visual appeal.

25. The Classic White and Terracotta

White and Terracotta exterior color

Aren’t we all pleased by the combination of white walls and terracotta roofing tiles for home exteriors? The palette is best suited for homes residing in tropical climates for a refreshing look. These tones blend well with the surroundings and impart an elegant look to the house.

26. Welcoming Sage and Straw

Sage and Straw exterior color

The curb appeal of a house can effortlessly be accentuated by opting for a welcoming palette. Consider the idea of painting the home in a combination of sage green with straw yellow. These sublime color combinations for the home exterior hint at a traditional look and keep the design evergreen.

Tips for Choosing the Best House Exterior Color Combinations

1. Dark or Light?

Your mood board must be a mix of both where architectural details are highlighted in light and the main facade stays in dark hues or vice versa.

2. The Number of Tones in the Palette

While more than a single color is preferred for home exteriors, make sure not to add too many tones. More than three shades in a facade can make the composition look cluttered and overwhelming.

3. Assess the Impact of Color

Does the chosen palette make your home blend with the neighborhood or make it look alien to the land? While selecting the right shades, evaluate how the last look will affect the surroundings.

4. Shades that Last Long

Apart from looking at the aesthetic angle, you need to consider practical aspects as well. Make sure to pick the paints that last long and don’t demand regular upkeep.

5. Reflection of Your Creative Self

The color palette of your house must hint at your personality and creative thoughts. A bold choice of colors radiates your confident self while the neutrals reflect your love for earthiness.

6. Match the Furnishings

If you’re transforming the look of your house with a fresh coat of paint, ensure it blends with the existing features. The exterior combinations must match with the existing outdoor furniture for a cohesive design.

Injecting Life Through Paints

The choice of exterior color combinations lies in your personal preferences and the architectural language that you wish to follow. From a sea of colorful choices, pick the ones that impart an invigorating look on the facade. One single coat of paint is all it takes to set the mood for your home.


How Many Colors Should a House Exterior Have?

The color palette for house exteriors shouldn’t have more than 3 tones as it may lead to an imbalanced look.

Which Is the Most Trending Shade of Home Exteriors?

Tones of off-white are incredibly trending for home exteriors.

Should the Color Combinations for the Home Exterior Be Light?

The color combinations for your home exterior must be a mix of light and dark hues to balance the look.

Which Are the Best Exterior Color Combinations?

The exterior color combinations for your home can be paired up with the base of cream or white for an appealing look.

Which Are the Best Tones for Sunlight?

For homes with prolonged exposure to the sun, it’s best to opt for light shades like grey, white, and beige.


When choosing exterior paint colors for your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the style of your home and the surrounding environment. If you have a traditional home in a rural setting, you might want to choose more muted colors like navy blue, sage green, or cream. If you have a more modern home in an urban setting, you might want to choose brighter colors like red, yellow, or orange.

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