Have you ever weened living amidst the clouds in one of the tallest residential towers in the world? Wouldn’t it be a great experience? Then gear up—breaking all the imaginative boundaries, Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences is bringing the world’s tallest residential tower to Dubai. 

Burj Binghatti, the world’s tallest residential tower in Dubai, would reshape the concept of luxury and modern living. It would transform the skyline of Dubai with a slender silhouette and meticulously crowned diamond-like spires. 

The world will witness the grand Burj Binghatti’s unveiling on November 16, 2022, at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai’s City Walk area. 

Are you wondering, why is this building so hyped? Then read along to get its details!

The Architecture of the World’s Tallest Residential Tower in Dubai

The Architecture of the World’s Tallest Residential Tower in Dubai

Though the actual height of the world’s tallest residential tower in Dubai is not yet revealed, Burj Binghatti is going to boast over 100 stories, surpassing the current tallest residential building in the world, the Central Park Tower of New York, with a height of 472.4 m.

The structure will provide utter luxury living and comfortable, upscale apartments rising high in the Business Bay District of Dubai.  

Atop the world’s tallest residential tower in Dubai, it houses the most extravagant penthouses. It will offer the most stunning and widest panoramic views of the swamped city and its prominent structures. There is also world’s tallest residential building design to see.

Each penthouse will be named after one of Jacob & Co.’s flagship timepieces. The structure comprises two- and three-bedroom residences. 

The skyscraper is depicted in renderings as a narrow, glistening form that culminates in a lavish, embellished crown that emerges from the clouds. The structure’s peak, in particular, is a signature, constructive display of Jacob & Co.’s iconic high-end, finely cut diamonds in the skyline, standing as a bold and pure emblem of the two brands’ signature design ethos.

Inside the World’s Tallest Residential Tower 

Inside the World’s Tallest Residential Tower 

Burj Binghatti will provide luxurious living experiences in the city’s bustling Business Bay. 

Moreover, the global brand will provide specifics for the residences’ interior design in its enduring and unrivaled signature style. 

The building will also include a few opulent extras, including an infinity pool with a view of downtown Dubai, a fitness center, a gym, and a luxurious spa with customized services. It will also provide services to daycares, bodyguards, chauffeurs, and private chefs. 

What’s the USP of the World’s Tallest Residential Tower? 

What’s the USP of the World’s Tallest Residential Tower? 

The crown is the pinnacle of the distinctive architectural and horological code created by Binghatti and Jacob & Co. It is the most accurate portrayal of the companies. With its sensuous and fascinating constructive display of the famous and trademark Jacob diamonds, the crown, located at the highest point of the hypertower, illuminates unparalleled grandeur. 

According to the “hyper tower” concept, it would have an infinity pool that overlooked the Dubai skyline.

Dubai’s real estate market is booming with high-rise residential buildings. The construction of the asymmetrical Wasl skyscraper is scheduled to take place in 2024.

Thus, people who just want the best can have a high-class experience.

Who’s Building the World’s Tallest Residential Tower?

Who’s Building the World’s Tallest Residential Tower?

The world’s highest residential tower will soon be unveiled thanks to a partnership between Jacob & Co., a luxury jewelry and watch brand, and award-winning UAE property developer Binghatti. The Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co. Residences will also include a crown-like element that resembles crystal at the very top that will appear to be made of diamonds. You can also check this tallest building under construction in the world.

“We took inspiration from the complex horological movements that beat in Jacob & Co. timepieces and integrated them into the key elements of the tower. The diamond-shaped spires sitting at the peak of the tower are reminiscent of an actual crown, an ornament of unique finesse inspired by the design of Jacob & Co.’s finely cut gems. This is the apex of the luxury narrative in this evocative construction, a signature feature that adds further grandeur to the city’s skyline.” said Muhammad Binghatti

The distinguishing features of this groundbreaking architectural masterpiece are the fusion of ingenuity and refinement. With unrivaled technology solutions and matchless finishing techniques influenced by Jacob & Co.’s horological and design philosophy, this tallest skyscraper in the world has gone above and beyond extraordinary architectural and horological achievements. The Hyper Tower features stylized elements and dimensions found in Jacob & Co.’s scrupulous watchmaking process that are both highly aesthetic and constructive.

The Highs!

world’s tallest residential tower dubai

Dubai is famous for its opulent buildings. The iconic Burj Khalifa (829.8 m) has held the title of the highest self-supporting building and the world’s tallest building since it was finished in 2009.

The Palm Islands, which is one of the ten largest man-made islands in the world; the Cayan Tower, the second-tallest high-rise structure in the world with a 90-degree rotation; and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the only seven-star hotel in the world, are all prominent Dubai projects.

Some other prominent buildings in Dubai include Marina 101, the second-tallest tower in Dubai, which is situated in the emirate along with the Princes Tower (413 meters), 23 Marina Tower (392 meters), Elite Residence (381 meters), Address Boulevard (370 meters), Almas Tower (360 meters), Gevora Hotel (356 meters), and The Marina Torch (352 meters).

Any new development that changes the city’s bustling skyline is fascinating, especially if it sets new records. The apartments in the new tower can be seen in all their splendor, giving visitors a glimpse of what it may be like to reside there. The developer presents luxurious, comfy suites that are sure to please even the pickiest of consumers, giving the entire experience a dreamlike air. Can you fathom experiencing such luxury and comfort?

world’s tallest residential tower dubai by Muhammad Binghatti and Jacob Arabo
Muhammad Binghatti and Jacob Arabo
Muhammad Binghatti and Jacob Arabo with team
Jacob Arabo and Muhammad Binghatti 
with team
world’s tallest residential tower dubai by jacob and Binghatti

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